SuperHD Mobile VoIP App now in Japan

Plingm (currently named Freephoo on Apple's App Store) launches a free mobile VoIP app with SuperHD sound on the Japanese market. With the app, users can make quality voice calls to friends all over the world and cut phone bills substantially.

Plingm is a highly rated Swedish mobile VoIP-app that allows users to make free- and low cost telephone calls from mobile devices such as smart phones, tablets and iPod Touch. Unique for Plingm is SuperHD, an outstanding sound quality with a bit rate that is three times higher than other VoIP apps available on the market. The SuperHD sound has a natural sound where all nuances of the voice are captured.
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Groundwire iOS SIP Client is Now Available on Android

Acrobits_logo.pngAcrobits announces the long awaited release of their popular business caliber SIP client Groundwire on Android. Groundwire includes all the features of Acrobits Softphone as well as the additional features business users need. Including but not limited to transfer and attended transfer, call conferencing, multi line and voicemail notification; Groundwire puts all the tools professional SIP users need in the palm of your hand.

With Groundwire, Acrobits also brings support for ZRTP to Android. The most advanced method for call encryption in VoIP, ZRTP is a must have for users who want the most secure calls possible. In addition, Acrobits adds support for SDES SRTP. Both features will be available in both Acrobits Softphone and Groundwire for Android. Groundwire is available on Google Play and the Amazon Marketplace now. A new update for Acrobits Softphone is also available which adds support for ZRTP and SDES SRTP.
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International Calling Added To VoX Mobile VoIP Android App and New Web Site Launches

vox_communications_logo.jpgVoX Communications announces that it has added international calling and a free 60 minute trial to its mobile VoIP app for use on all Android mobile phones and Android tablets. VoX Mobile calls can be made on 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi throughout the world. It is also planning to add video calling and an app for the iPhone.

VoX has also launched a new web site that represents the current focus of its mobile VoIP app business.

A VoX user can subscribe entirely on the phone and choose a U.S. phone number without leaving the interface, which makes the sign up process more elegant than many competitors. The Mobile VoIP paid plans start at $4.95, which is a low cost of entry for a high quality and reliable VoIP service offering. VoX also offers 500 minutes for $9.95, which is less expensive than most competitors and $29.95 for unlimited calling to the US, Canada and Puerto Rico and 60 countries.
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Goober Networks Drives the Evolution of mVoIP With the Launch of ChatCube

goober_logo.jpgGoober Networks announces the launch of its mobile VoIP solution, ChatCube. Much more than a free mVoIP calling and chat app, ChatCube provides users with a rich feature set including HD-quality VoIP calling, auto-sync contact management, photo/video sharing, voicemail, call forwarding, push notification and, coming soon, video calling.

Initially available for Apple's iOS, including the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, ChatCube will be available on multiple mobile and desktop operating systems and platforms later this year. It is available now for free in Apple's App Store.

ChatCube represents the evolution of mobile VoIP from apps that only provide limited functionality to an all-in-one solution for users. It combines features and functionality found disparately in other mVoIP offerings, plus adds several unique and powerful capabilities, and is packaged into one, elegant and easy-to-use product.
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Pervasip Announces Rollout of International Calling App for Android Devices

vox_communications_logo.jpgPervasip is pleased to announce the Company is in the final stages of launching an Android-based international calling app that will allow users to make unlimited calls to 60 countries from their mobile phones and tablets for a monthly fee of $29.95.

The Company recently announced a mobile phone Android app that allows users to make 3G/4G and WiFi calls on their Android device without using the voice plan minutes on their existing smart phone plan. The mobile VoIP app can be viewed or downloaded at the following website.
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VoX Mobile VoIP Application for Android Reaches Download Milestone

vox_communications_logo.jpgPervasip announces that the VoX mobile VoIP application for Android devices has reached 35,000 downloads. The VoIP application was launched in October and is available for both Android smartphones and tablet devices. The Company expects to add several upgrades in the coming weeks that include video calling, international calling plans and a prepaid international usage feature. The video feature will include unlimited video calling to the G3 Connect videophone. The Company is also planning a VoIP application for the iPhone and iPad.

"We are excited about the viral success of the application and feel we are adding some key elements to make it even better," said Barry MacCheyne, CMO of VoX Communications, a subsidiary of the Company. "We also plan to initiate an Internet marketing campaign with a major partner to dramatically heighten awareness and exponentially grow downloads."
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DIGITALK Introduces Integrated Mobile VoIP Client to Consumer Applications

Digitalk_logo.jpgDIGITALK announces a new, fully integrated, Mobile VoIP Client on the DIGITALK Consumer Platform, enabling service providers to offer mobile dialling to their Prepaid Cards and Broadband Telephony customers over Wifi and 3G /4G networks.

The development comes in light of the continuing growth of mobile subscribers with smartphones and improved Wifi access globally, enabling calling card and residential IP service providers to exploit extensions to current services and promotions. With many users having inclusive data packages, mobile VoIP is a now a substantial opportunity for prepaid and residential IP telephony service providers to expand their service reach to mobile smartphone users.

The DIGITALK Mobile VoIP Client is SIP-compliant and supports G.729 and G.711 codecs, with optional signalling and media encryption and compression. The client will be locked to the service provider, protecting revenue loss from transient users and enhancing overall customer loyalty with new service features.
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snom Introduces ONE IP PBX with Advanced Mobility Features

snom_logo.jpgsnom released a new version of its award-winning snom ONE IP PBX, adding advanced mobility capabilities that extend standard IP PBX calling features to employee mobile devices. The new release, introduced at ITEXPO East (Booth #512) in Miami, January 31 - February 3, also features new management and security features to more easily provision and integrate a businesses cell phone cell fleet with the snom ONE IP PBX.
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Ooma Unveils HD2 VoIP Handset at CES

Ooma announced at the 2012 International CES in Las Vegas, Nevada, a new cordless handset with superior HD Voice call clarity and smartphone features made possible by the Ooma cloud-enabled platform. The new cordless Ooma HD2 Handset features a two-inch color screen and picture caller-ID with the ability to automatically display Facebook profile pictures and online contact lists from Facebook, Google and Yahoo. Picture caller-ID and contact lists provide the ability to see a picture of the caller as the phone rings, download and scroll through contacts, and easily manage contacts using the My Ooma web portal.

The combination of the Ooma Telo and new Ooma HD2 Handset provides cutting-edge HD Voice call clarity by capturing twice the voice data to double the fidelity of standard phone calls, for richer, more natural-sounding conversations. The cordless handset offers superior security and range afforded by the latest DECT technology without interfering with home Wi-Fi networks or other home electronics. Up to four handsets can be used with each Ooma Telo.
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eVoice Mobile App Enables VoIP Calling from Apple Devices for Small Businesses

eVoice and j2 Global announces the availability of its latest mobile application for Apple devices. Now, owners of Apple's iPhone, iPad and iPod touch can make and receive phone calls via a WiFi connection or a 3G/4G network using VoIP. This saves precious cell phone minutes while helping to reduce the chance of dropped phone calls.

Essentially, the new eVoice Mobile App transforms an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch into a multi-purpose business phone system with powerful features, including:
  • Make and receive phone calls via a WiFi connection or 3G/4G network using VoIP
  • 24/7 auto attendant to answer and route inbound calls professionally
  • Multiple extensions for employees, including intercom functionality
  • Enhanced voice mail service with transcriptions and audio files sent to email or text
  • Advanced call handling features including call screening
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FRITT Licenses SPIRIT DSP's Engines for Cross-platform HD Voice and Videoconferencing

SpiritDSP_logo.jpgSPIRIT DSP announces FRITT has licensed SPIRIT's TeamSpirit Conferencing product, comprising of SPIRIT's cross-platform, HD voice and videoconferencing engines, including the TeamSpirit Conferencing Server, TeamSpirit Voice&Video Engine PC and TeamSpirit Voice&Video Engine Mobile clients for iOS and Android.

FRITT was established in 1957 and has successfully developed a set of advanced communication products and won 120 major scientific and technological achievements for China's telecommunications industry.

FRITT will be using the TeamSpirit Voice&Video Engine platform running on both server and client sides, allowing FRITT's emergency management customers the unique ability to conduct HD-quality, multi-point voice and videoconferencing across popular PC and mobile devices.
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Huawei Extends License with SPIRIT DSP for HD Mobile VoIP and Video Calling

SpiritDSP_logo.jpgSPIRIT DSP announces that Huawei Technologies has extended its license with SPIRIT DSP for wideband Mobile VoIP and video calling. Huawei's products and services are deployed in over 100 countries and serve 45 of the world's top 50 telecom operators, as well as one third of the world's population. Under terms of the agreement, Huawei, an existing SPIRIT customer since 2007, has licensed SPIRIT's TeamSpirit Voice&Video Engine Mobile.

The popularity of 3G and 4G smartphone devices, along with the emergence of applications and faster connectivity and the increasing popularity of tablet PCs (which is quickly becoming one of the most prominent business collaboration tools), makes it an ideal platform for developing applications that incorporate real-time, VoIP and videoconferencing. Jupiter Research predicts that mobile VoIP users will exceed 100 million by 2012 and In-Stat projects 288 million mobile VoIP subscribers by 2013. According to a recent study from Allot Communications, VoIP and instant messaging became the fastest growing application type in the first half of this year, with usage increasing by 101 percent. Video streaming came in second at 93 percent.
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C2Call's FriendCaller Introduces Video Calling for Android

C2Call announces the availability of its latest version of FriendCaller for Android. The browser-based VoIP solution now features echo-free video calling via any Android-based smart phone or tablet, or via the FriendCaller Web phone.

New features of the latest version of FriendCaller include:
  • Availability on more than 650 different devices and all popular desktop browsers
  • An enhanced user interface
  • The ability to earn free minutes that can be used to dial U.S. and international phone numbers by watching short video clips from FriendCaller sponsors
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AT&T Brings More Choice to International Calling with New Mobile App

att_logo.gifAT&T smartphone customers now have another way to stay in touch with family and friends abroad. Introducing AT&T Call International – a free mobile VoIP app – providing international long distance calling at low, competitive rates.

Developed with and operated by 8x8, AT&T smartphone customers can use the app to make calls from the U.S. to international numbers; and when abroad, customers will benefit from the same low rates using the app over Wi-Fi. Countries and rates are available at

The app provides simple, step-by-step instructions to establish an AT&T Call International account. Once established, customers can immediately make international calls through the app by either dialing directly or by accessing their existing contacts list. All calls are billed directly to the customer’s credit card.
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Mobile VoIP Report 2011-2016: Opportunities and Challenges announces that a new market research report is available in its catalogue: Mobile VoIP Report 2011-2016: Opportunities and Challenges

Mobile VoIP enters New Growth Phase

Visiongain predicts that by 2016, mobile VoIP applications will generate annual revenues of $36 billion, driven by more than 180 million users worldwide. Across the world, operators are beginning to embrace the technology as consumer demand for cost effective communication services rises. There has been a steady increase in the number of successful partnership between VoIP vendors and mobile operators to deploy mobile VoIP services. This report quantifies mobile VoIP market, analyses the market drivers and the key market players and their strategies.
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