C2Call's FriendCaller Introduces Video Calling for Android

C2Call announces the availability of its latest version of FriendCaller for Android. The browser-based VoIP solution now features echo-free video calling via any Android-based smart phone or tablet, or via the FriendCaller Web phone.

New features of the latest version of FriendCaller include:
  • Availability on more than 650 different devices and all popular desktop browsers
  • An enhanced user interface
  • The ability to earn free minutes that can be used to dial U.S. and international phone numbers by watching short video clips from FriendCaller sponsors
With FriendCaller, users are also able to connect via the Web with friends who do not have an Android or iOS-based phone or tablet by sending them a FriendCaller CallMe-Link technology. This unique URL link can be sent to anyone, even if they are not a registered FriendCaller user. When the recipient of the CallMe-Link clicks on it, they will be able to instantly call the sender, via their browser.

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