Goober Networks Drives the Evolution of mVoIP With the Launch of ChatCube

goober_logo.jpgGoober Networks announces the launch of its mobile VoIP solution, ChatCube. Much more than a free mVoIP calling and chat app, ChatCube provides users with a rich feature set including HD-quality VoIP calling, auto-sync contact management, photo/video sharing, voicemail, call forwarding, push notification and, coming soon, video calling.

Initially available for Apple's iOS, including the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, ChatCube will be available on multiple mobile and desktop operating systems and platforms later this year. It is available now for free in Apple's App Store.

ChatCube represents the evolution of mobile VoIP from apps that only provide limited functionality to an all-in-one solution for users. It combines features and functionality found disparately in other mVoIP offerings, plus adds several unique and powerful capabilities, and is packaged into one, elegant and easy-to-use product.

ChatCube allows users to make 100 percent free calls and chat worldwide to other ChatCube users over Wi-Fi, EDGE, 3G and 4G networks. It delivers "universal" HD-quality calling to any landline or mobile phone, including non-ChatCube users. Global flat-rate calling plans are available for non-ChatCube-to-ChatCube calls at rates up to 50 percent cheaper than current offerings. A free $1 calling credit is available upon signup.

Upon their initial introduction to ChatCube, users will immediately notice and appreciate the cleanly designed and intuitive interface, which provides quick access to specific functions with the least amount of "taps." Removing complexity from the user experience is a deliberate design choice that reinforces goober Network's mission to simplify and unify communications.

Key capabilities offered during this initial rollout include simplified contact management that makes it easy to auto-sync contacts, add Facebook friends, access a user directory, locate nearby ChatCube users and add users through "shake," a function that allows contact information to be exchanged when nearby users shake their phones. ChatCube also supports push notification, photo/video sharing and sending voice messages, contacts and locations. Other capabilities include an "is typing" feature and profile picture selection.

During the next several months, a series of additional capabilities -- including video calling and functionality related to enhanced messaging, cloud sync, additional OS and platform support, and an innovative smartphone plan -- will be introduced as part of the strategic rollout of this all-in-one solution.

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