1TouchTone VoIP Provider

Standard Voice is a new voice service that can replace your current telephone line from the telephone company. All you need is an internet connection and you can get unlimited local and long distance calling, low international rates, and all those features you're paying a bundle to Bell for like Caller ID, Voicemail, Three-way Calling, and more.

The IP analog telephone adapter that plugs directly into your Cable/DSL modem, home router, or approved wireless provider – this includes advanced Quality of Service (QoS) features to make sure your voice service still sounds good in times of high network traffic.

All you do is plug in a telephone and your internet access, then start calling! You dial as you would normally. When people call you, they just dial your new Standard Voice telephone number (or you can keep your current phone number) and your phone rings as usual.

Phone Features:
  • Free Caller ID
  • Free Call Waiting
  • Free Three-way Calling
  • Free Personalized Voicemail
  • Free Call Forwarding
  • Free Call Transfer
  • Free Call Return
  • Free International Call Block
Advanced Services:
  • Adding additional lines
  • Free Area Code Selection
  • Free Number Portability
  • Toll Free Numbers
Great Benefits:
  • Keep Your Existing Phone Number
  • Great International Rates
  • Money-Back Guarantee
Website: 1TouchTone.com
Phone: 1-866-340-9129
Email: info@1touchtone.com

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MyVoIP VoIP Provider

VoIP is a world-class communication company and a leading provider of digital phone service to residential, small business and a vast array of industries. Our award-winning technology enables anyone to make and receive phone calls with a touch-tone phone using a high speed Internet connection. VoIP offers a feature rich and cost effective alternative to traditional phone service.

Corporate Governance

VoIP stands out as a leader in corporate governance, ethics and compliance. Through our corporate infrastructure, philosophy and culture, we are committed to creating an environment that enforces the highest standard of corporate governance, compliance and ethics.


VoIP is committed to delivering exceptional customer service and building strong standards of excellence. We view the world from a broader perspective and service our customers in more meaningful ways.

Free Standard Features:
  • Anonymous Call Rejection
  • Remote access to call forwarding
  • Caller ID
  • 3-way Calling
  • *69-Automatic Recall
  • *67-Caller ID Block
  • Call Waiting with ID
  • and many more...
Free Premium Features:
  • Activity Control
  • Parental Control
  • Busy Call forwarding
  • Reminder call
  • Delayed Call forwarding
  • and many more...
Great Advantages:
  • 911 Dialing & E-911
  • Great International Rates
  • Canada Unlimited Included
  • Keep your number
  • 411 Directory Assistance
  • Live Customer Care
  • and many more...
Website: MyVoIP.com
Phone: 1-866-312-6288
Email: info@myvoip.com

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BlueSky VoIP Provider

This company seems to have disappeared off the face of the earth. Feel free to read the comments left by customers and share your thoughts or experiences with Blue Sky Phone.

Website: help@blueskyphone.com

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poivY VoIP Provider

With Poivy you can make free* calls over the internet to any of your online friends, as well as various popular destinations. Download it now for free and start calling immediately.

Website: http://www.poivy.com/en/index.html
Phone: +49-221-3549565

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VoipDiscount VoIP Provider

Website: http://www.voipdiscount.com/en/index.html
Phone: +49-221-3549565

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VoipCheap VoIP Provider

Website: http://www.voipcheap.com/en/index.html
Phone: +49-221-3549565

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Webacall VoIP Provider

Low prices for long distance phone calls. Use the webphone dialer on our site or download a free softphone dialer to your PC, use an IP device or even use our callback featured services. Get low rates for long distance calls. We charge by the second so you never pay for extra none used portions of a minute (SIP based).

Need we say more?

Webacall.com wishes you a very pleasant and financially rewarding experience!

Website: http://www.webacall.com/
Email: support@Webacall.com

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Time Warner VoIP Provider

Digital Phone from Time Warner Cable

It's time for a better residential telephone service that understands how important your time is. Don't be bound by traditional rate plans that charge you different rates depending on when you call. With Digital Phone service from Time Warner Cable, you can choose from two packages that allow you to call anytime and talk for as long as you like. Plus, get the most popular and convenient calling features like Call Waiting, Caller ID, Call Forwarding, Speed Dial and more at no extra cost.

What are the benefits of Time Warner Cable Digital Phone?
  • Unlimited Usage
  • No Long Term Contracts
  • One Simple Bill
  • Free Local Number Portability
  • Free No-Hassle Installation
  • Call Number Delivery
  • Choice of Listing
  • Localized Customer Service
  • Call Detail Record
  • Low Cost Voice Mail
  • Low Cost Directory Assistance
  • Low International Rates
Website: TimeWarner.com

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Wengo VoIP Provider

Founded in January 2005, Wengo is a young company offering exciting new services using its own telecoms software: WengoPhone and an unbeatable telephone offer providing fantastic, affordable calls and services for connecting people all over the world. Wengo believes that the Internet represents tomorrow's communication today. And why shouldn't you use it every day?

Website: http://www.wengo.fr/

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NetAppel VoIP Provider

Website: http://www.netappel.fr/fr/index.html/

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SpectraVoice VoIP Provider

SpectraVoice Residential Plans:
SpectraVoice Broadband offers a variety of residential calling plans that will fit the needs of your busy family. You don't have to worry - they are all included for one low monthly fee.

Whether you call locally or around the world, SpectraVoice make it easy and affordable.

SpectraVoice Small Business:
We know you have enough on your mind without having to worry about your telecommunications costs. SpectraVoice Broadband Small Business plans fit the needs of your growing business and save you money each month and every month! Let us help your small business to succeed!

Standard Features:
  • Enhanced Voice Mail
  • Call Display
  • Visual Call Waiting
  • Call Fowarding
  • Call Transfer
  • Call Return
  • Music on Hold
  • Call Screen
  • 3-way Calling
  • and many more...
Website: http://broadband.spectravoice.com/
Phone: 1 888 477 7189
Email: service@spectravoice.com

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Skypho VoIP Provider

The Skypho network is a project born from the deranged minds of some eclectic individuals from Eutelia spa and the Skypho name is short for Sky Phone.

Website: http://www.skypho.net

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MyTCom VoIP Provider

With the service myTCom Out you will be able to call whichever number of national and international fixed or mobile net to the rates more favorable.

Website: http://www.mytcom.it

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Quazzle VoIP Provider

Quazzle a leading broadband telephony provider announced launch of its Pre-paid virtual phone cards to its growing list of U.K. and European customers. Pre-paid phone cards are rapidly becoming everyday products for millions of consumers. These easy-to-use virtual phone cards offer convenience and simplicity when making telephone calls from Mobile phone or conventional PSTN home or office line.

“Pre-paid phone cards can save consumer time, trouble and money Quazzle Prepaid phone card offer great low rates all day. There is no monthly fee, connection fee and no extra taxes simply make calls to any phone number in the world from your mobile phone or your home/office phone” said Oliver Braun, Sales Director Quazzle European Region.

  • Easy to install
  • Configuration wizard (step by step)
  • 30 day life trail period
  • Multilanguage user interface & help (english/ german)
  • Preconfigured for the Quazzle VoIP Phone service
  • Calling phone numbers directly from Outlook
  • NAT/ Firewall aware
  • Online update service
  • G.711, iLBC and GSM codecs supported
  • Supports Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows 2000 and XP
  • Line hold
  • 2 Lines
  • Conference calls
  • Dial, Redial and Hangup
  • Microphone mute
  • Microphone and Speaker controls
  • Microphone and Speaker meters
  • and many more...
Website: http://www.quazzle.net/
Email: support@quazzle.net
Phone: 08000197033

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Voipgo VoIP Provider

VoIPGO originally launched under the name Polcomm in 2004. Polcomm originally concentrated on VoIP and internet services to small businesses however they later decided to focus all their energy towards the VoIP market. In early 2005 Polcomm was re-branded as VoIPGO. Within months VoIPGO saw a dramatic increase in VoIP sales and had established themselves as one of the biggest, most reliable and feature rich VoIP providers in Canada. As VoIPGO continues to grow and establish themselves in the US they understand that providing an excellent product and support center to match will see them established as a major VoIP carrier.

VoIPGO continue to add new operations on a weekly basis. From their experience in Canada VoIPGO have found that one plan with all their available features included, help to make the choice easier for customers as there are no surprises after a plan is purchased.


  • Voicemail
  • Caller ID
  • Call Waiting
  • Call Forwarding
  • 3-Way Calling
  • Call Transfer
  • Call Return
  • Caller ID Block
  • Forward on Busy
  • Do Not Disturb
  • Detailed Billing
  • Voicemail to Email
  • Free Long Distance
  • Travelling with Voipgo
  • Area Code Selection
  • Support
Website: VOIPGO.com
Contact: VOIPGO.com/contactus
Phone: 1-877-5-VOIPGO (864746)

Have you used VoIPGO's service? Please leave a comment and let us know about your experience.

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