SunRise VoIP Service Still Charging it's Old BlueSky Customers?


Yet another reason to steer clear of Sun Rise Phone VoIP service, which appears more and more to be a spin off of old VoIP Provider BlueSky Phone. I'd previously tried to bring this to every one's attention in my "BlueSky Phone Renamed to SunRise Phone STAY Away" post. A comment yesterday by cblankin brought this back to my attention and I'd like to thank him for doing so.

The comment reads: "I went on to and was able to use my old login and password. I was able to check my account and it showed they had been charging my credit card for the last 4 months. I called their contact number and got hold of some type answering service and explain I would sue them if the didn't close my account. He seem surprised that somebody and figured out bluesky phone had become sunshine (think he meant sunrise phone) Today I am no longer able to log onto their web site and use my old login and password. I recommend you log and check for yourselves."

Some might remember BlueSky phone for simply closing it's doors and leaving it's customers in the dark without notice. It now appears that BlueSky Phone is still charging customers just under a new name! I'm not sure how this would appear on a credit card bill as either being billed from BlueSky Phone or SunRise Phone service. I'd suggest if you were a previous customer of either service to check your bills to make sure you aren't still being taken to the cleaners.

I'd also like to point out that sunrise phone attempted to contact me about possibly advertising here on VoIP Monitor. I never responded to either of their emails because of how they treated customers and I wouldn't want anything to do with promoting a wolf in sheeps clothes.

You can find more user comments here on BlueSky Phone VoIP provider

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Amy Nolen
Thursday, May 8, 2008 6:56 PM
Sunrise pohne is probably the worst VOIP I ever had to deal with.

- Very bad quality voice. Chopy voice and forget about using dial tone.

- No customer service. try opening a ticket online and see if anyone ever get back to you

- lots of extra charges like cancelation fee of $60

- restocking fee of $10 for their broken crapy no-name routers

- very poor quality equipments

I am glad you don't let them post advertisments here.

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