snom Offers Free SIP Online Training Course for Resellers

snom_logo.jpgsnom announces a new e-learning course focused on SIP fundamentals - SIP 101. This course is the latest addition to snom's new online training program introduced earlier this spring and is available free to registered snom VARs from North and South America, Australia and New Zealand. SIP 101 will serve as a prerequisite to enrollment in the company's online snom ONE Certification Training course.

Busy VARs can gain valuable, hands-on experience with all aspects of SIP, without the time and expense of traditional courses. "By enrolling in our SIP 101 e-learning course VARs from around the world can learn fundamental SIP basics online and on their own time. This course is a prerequisite first step for VARs on the path to our snom ONE Certification Training and new business opportunities created by working with the snom ONE family of IP PBX solutions," said Mike Storella, chief operating officer of snom technology, Inc.

The SIP 101 course is a modularized, online, Flash-based training course, complete with animations and quizzes to help engage trainees. Participants can complete an online assessment upon course completion to earn snom SIP 101 certification.

Eligibility for the SIP 101 certification class is open to registered snom VARs in the Americas, Australia and New Zealand who can register quickly and easily at snom will be offering more online courses about snom products and key aspects of its SIP-based technology in the coming months.

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