VoIP Expanded in Latin and South American

deltathree, Inc., a leading provider of hosted Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) solutions worldwide announced that it has expanded its universe of Latin American network termination partners aimed at increasing the reach of its hosted residential VoIP Outsourced Platform Solution customers in the region. Responding to increased demand for hosted VoIP solutions in Latin America, deltathree is also actively engaging regional service providers, cable companies and ISPs in key Latin American markets including Mexico, Argentina, Colombia and Brazil. To further support deltathree's growth strategy in the region, the Company will be participating in The National and Andean Telecommunications Congress (Andicom) in Cartagena, Colombia, from October 24th to the 27th, 2006.
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Launch of Venezuela's First Hosted IP-PBX Solution

Vistula Communications Services Inc., a global supplier of flexible and reliable Voice over Internet Protocol ("VoIP") services to major telecommunications carriers and Internet service providers, announced that Venezuela's Envox IP, a leading telecommunications VoIP carrier will officially launch a residential and corporate/SOHO hosted IP-PBX, starting October 1st, 2006.
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Cordia Acquires a Controlling Interest in Brazilian VoIP Company

Cordia Corporation, a global communications service provider, announced that it acquired a controlling interest in Canal West Solucoes em Informatica Ltda. ("Canal West"). Canal West, based in Florianopolis, Brazil, owns and operates a VoIP network in Brazil and markets National and International Voice over Internet Protocol ("VoIP") Protocol) service in the Latin American region.
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Vistula V-Cube VoIP Coming to Argentina

Vistula Communications Services Inc announced that ITC, a fast-growing, leading telecommunications carrier and business Internet Service Provider in Argentina, signed a five year contract to distribute Vistula's V-Cube VoIP platform in Argentina. This would be the second V-Cube to be installed and launched in Argentina by Vistula Communications Services.
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Launch of Vistula's Hosted IP-PBX Service in Argentina

Vistula Communications Services, Inc., a global supplier of flexible and reliable Voice over Internet Protocol ("VoIP") services to major telecommunications carriers and Internet service providers, announced that BrainWare S.A. has officially launched their V-Cube-based Hosted IP- PBX Service across Argentina.
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Brasil Telecom Launches VoIPfone

Acme Packet, the leader in session border control solutions, announced that Brasil Telecom, the third largest fixed line service provider in Brazil, has selected its Net-Net session border controllers (SBCs) for VoIPfone service, a SIP-based business and residential VoIP offering. The Net-Net SBCs are also deployed in Brasil Telecom network supporting Multiconferencias, an IP-based multimedia conference service.
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GlobeTel Expands Its VoIP Voice Platform into Brazil

GlobeTel Communications Corp., announced that its newly-launched, customized, VoIP-based communications network for Brazil, iLigue.com.br offers Brazilian telecom customers an unparalleled level of flexibility and cost-efficiency, whether calling next door or around the world.

Following the introduction two weeks ago of VozBrasil.com, a VoIP network designed specifically for Brazilians living in the United States, iLigue is being rolled out in conjunction with GlobeTel's Brazilian partners -- first in the northeastern region of Brazil, then continuously throughout the remainder of the country. This extraordinarily flexible communications network allows Brazilian residents to obtain a telephone number in Brazil, the US or in any other country without the need for either broadband Internet access or special equipment.
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Fastest Growing Broadband and VoIP Markets

Tradequest International, doing business as InComm Holdings Corp., is pleased to report that it is making progress in expanding its target markets which represent a potential customer base that rivals the United States with a high rate of Broadband penetration.

InComm target markets are: South America, Central America and the Caribbean, however the Company is constantly discussing various opportunities with additional distributors in territories outside of their target market that sell to ethnic consumers in the United States, Canada, Spain and other countries.
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VozBrasil Released to US-Based Brazilian Community

GlobeTel Communications Corp., announced the launch of VozBrasil (http://www.vozbrasil.com), a service which will allow Brazilians to call their friends, relatives and business associates in the US through a local number, at local rates, without the need for broadband internet access or any special equipment. Also, separately, over the next two weeks, GlobeTel will be launching a service that allows Brazilians to obtain a US phone number that, when called, will forward those calls to their local phone number in Brazil -- all at low VoIP rates. This is the first of many services that will allow people across the globe to attach US phone numbers -- and thereby forward local US calls -- to their local phone numbers in their own countries.
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Telefonica VoIP Service Deployed to Brazil

Netrake announced that its nCite leading Session Border Solution was selected by Telefonica, the world's third largest operator and the largest fixed line operator in Latin America, to deliver new hosted VoIP services for its clients in Brazil.
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Envox Brings VoIP Services and Products to Venezuela

Vistula Communications Services, Inc., a global supplier of flexible and reliable Voice over IP ("VoIP") services to major telecommunications carriers, cable operators and Internet Service Providers, announced today that it has reached an agreement to provide its V-Cube VoIP solutions to Envox Telecomunicaciones IP, an enterprising telecommunications service provider in Venezuela.

With Vistula's V-Cube solution, Envox Telecomunicaciones IP, will be the country's first private telecommunications provider to offer a wide range of VoIP-based solutions to the country's large number of call shops or "Tele Cafe," as well as to the residential and corporate markets.
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Colombian Carrier Interconnects with iBasis for Global VoIP Service

iBasis, Inc., the global VoIP company, announced that ETB, a national carrier and one of the most important telecommunications companies in Colombia, has interconnected with iBasis to exchange international voice traffic. The interconnection enables ETB to route international calls from Colombia to The iBasis Network, as well as complete calls for iBasis over ETB's network in Colombia.
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How Low can iBasis Go with Pringo

PringoPringo calls itself "The last prepaid calling card you'll ever need!" who is the calling card service of iBasis. Announced new lower rates to card holders to many new South American destinations that comprise of more than 5% of all international calls from the U.S. Pringo is currently offering a sign-up bonus of $5 worth of free calling and can receive additional $5 credits by referring their friends and family to the Pringo services.
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Interlink Global Announces Extended VoIP Services in Ecuador

Interlink Global Corp., announced that it has executed and begun the implementation of a Memorandum of Understanding with Metrocel, S.A., located in Quito, Ecuador to provide retail broadband and VOIP services throughout the country. The forthcoming contract will be a joint venture between Metrocel and Interlink developing a project to provide broadband and VoIP telephony services to 600 Internet kiosks located around the country. Each kiosk will house 5 telephone lines, and will offer consumers in Ecuador the ability to access broadband and telephone services. The rates that will be charged will be below the rates charged for broadband service, if those services are available at all in certain areas of the country, as well as being far below traditional fixed line and wireless rates charged by the incumbent telephone companies.
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Verso Signs Partnership Agreement with M13 of Brazil

Verso Technologies, Inc., a leading provider of packet-based solutions, announced a strategic partnership with M13, a solution integrator specialized in state-of-the-art technology and a leader in innovation and integration of IP networks. Under the new alliance, Verso and M13 will offer carriers, service providers and end-users throughout Brazil the ability to leverage the latest innovations in Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services. Under the agreement, M13 will provide consulting expertise to customers throughout the region on the cost and technological benefits of deploying a VoIP solution. M13 will offer Verso's entire portfolio which deliver VoIP, access compression, filtering and prepaid technologies.

During 2004, M13 expanded its operations in Latin America and created M13 International, which has subsidiaries in Colombia and Argentina. The company operates in segments where technical expertise is the key differential, working with high technological complexity, data communication infrastructure, voice, image, security and converging networks projects. M13 is also specialized in infrastructure solutions for data centers, local area networks (LAN), metro area networks (MAN) and wide area networks (WAN).
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