Fastest Growing Broadband and VoIP Markets

Tradequest International, doing business as InComm Holdings Corp., is pleased to report that it is making progress in expanding its target markets which represent a potential customer base that rivals the United States with a high rate of Broadband penetration.

InComm target markets are: South America, Central America and the Caribbean, however the Company is constantly discussing various opportunities with additional distributors in territories outside of their target market that sell to ethnic consumers in the United States, Canada, Spain and other countries.

Frank Erbiti, the Company's President, commented by stating: "This is the right time for VoIP in South and Central America. Our unique way of selling through distributors allows them to fully brand the product, systems, bills, etc., thus providing us with a leg up, since the South American population prefers to buy from local providers that they know and trust as opposed to a U.S. based company that might not be in the local market for the long term. With the exception of Telefonica of Spain, there are no other companies that we are aware of blanketing the region in our specific space. We are in a position to become a giant player in the entire region."

Additionally, the Company feels the IP space, specifically VoIP, is a rapid growing essential that will globalize telecommunications in areas that lack legacy infrastructure to carry voice and data. The idea is that reaching unconnected areas will be more accessible by established telecommunications companies adopting more cost effective technologies and network solutions through infrastructure investments and consolidation with providers that serve and maintain an established customer base. The Company intends to position itself in order to benefit from either of these plays, i.e., investment or consolidation.

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