GlobeTel Expands Its VoIP Voice Platform into Brazil

GlobeTel Communications Corp., announced that its newly-launched, customized, VoIP-based communications network for Brazil, offers Brazilian telecom customers an unparalleled level of flexibility and cost-efficiency, whether calling next door or around the world.

Following the introduction two weeks ago of, a VoIP network designed specifically for Brazilians living in the United States, iLigue is being rolled out in conjunction with GlobeTel's Brazilian partners -- first in the northeastern region of Brazil, then continuously throughout the remainder of the country. This extraordinarily flexible communications network allows Brazilian residents to obtain a telephone number in Brazil, the US or in any other country without the need for either broadband Internet access or special equipment.

Any customer in Brazil who would like his friends or family in the US to be able to call him -- without incurring the normal charges associated with making calls from the US to Brazil -- can now have a local US phone number issued to him by GlobeTel. This US number is linked with any location the Brazilian customer elects -- that is: his home phone, his business phone or his cell phone -- and when called by his US-based Brazilian friends or relatives, that phone will ring instantly in Brazil. And, when the call is completed, the caller will be charged only for a local US call.

Dan Erdberg, President of GlobeTel's VoIP Division, stated, "Telecommunications tariffs in Brazil are extremely high. We've developed a system specifically for Brazil that not only allows our customers to have local phone numbers and service in Brazil, with the ability to call within their state or anywhere in the country at a very low cost, but it also gives them the ability to have a US-based phone number that can be forwarded to their Brazil-based cell phone, home phone or office phone. This is very useful for Brazilians who do business in the US, or those with family connections in the US, for example sons and daughters studying in America or other relatives who have emigrated to America. In addition, we've dramatically reduced the cost of international calls made on our network from Brazil to other countries."

Timothy Huff, CEO of GlobeTel Communications stated, "The Brazilian people have a very solid history of progressive thought ingrained throughout their culture, their society and within their business communities. When we decided to make GlobeTel's VoIP technology available to local business partners, the first country that we considered was Brazil. It is not only the fifth most populous country in the world and the second largest economy in the western hemisphere, but it is also a shining example of familial harmony and self-sufficiency. With those unique demographic and cultural attributes in mind, we concluded that it was exactly the right strategy to link our special technology to users in one of the most forward-thinking countries in our hemisphere."

Within minutes of registering online, an iLigue customer can have his own Brazilian or US phone number assigned and operating. This real-time feature is one of the many conveniences iLigue customers can enjoy. Additionally, with advanced telephony features such as digital voicemail and customizable "follow me" services (a form of call forwarding), iLigue customers can now have access to a range of new and exciting telephony options.

By making contact through or by calling 55.82.4009.5100, both business clients and individual customers anywhere in Brazil can begin enjoying highly cost-effective calling plans starting at under 50 Real per month.

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