VoX Communications Adds Low Cost Fixed Price Calling Plans To Vietnam And Pakistan Mobile Callers Using Its Android Mobile VoIP App

vox_communications_logo.jpgVoX Communications has now added fixed priced calling plans to Vietnam and Pakistan via its Android mobile voice app available in Google Play. The fixed priced plans include calling to mobile phones in both Vietnam and Pakistan at a price of only seven cents a minute, which is significantly lower than prices charged by other wireless carriers.

A VoX user can subscribe entirely on the phone and choose a U.S. phone number without leaving the interface, which makes the sign up process more elegant than many competitors. The Mobile VoIP paid plans for Vietnam and Pakistan start at $6.95 for the 100 minute plan, which is a low cost of entry for a high quality and reliable VoIP service offering. VoX also offers 250 minutes for $15.95 and 500 minutes for $29.95. These plans include calls to mobile phones, which are typically a higher price than calls to land lines. New subscribers can download the app for a free 60-minute trial and make calls to any country on the unlimited calling list or sign up for the Vietnam or Pakistan specific plan.
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Voiceserve Signs Second Contract with A Leading Middle Eastern Carrier

voiceserve_logo.jpgVoiceserve has entered into a contract for its Mobile VoIP Dialer with one of the largest and fastest growing mobile carriers in the Middle East with currently over 22 million subscribers. The Middle Eastern cellular phone company will offer Voiceserve's award winning mobile dialer software through a private label initiative under its own brand name. Both companies have been working on this initiative over the past several months and plan to launch the offering this month.
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Breezecom Offers Scalability in Terms of VoIP Capacity and Destinations

Breezecom announces that they offer scalability in terms of VoIP capacity and destinations in their wholesale VoIP service. The offer is included as one of the key features in their wholesale VoIP service package. Apart from this, the company also provides – network based on state-of-the-art Genband platform, robust quality ASR, ACD, and PDD, also their service suits carriers seeking multiple DS3 capacity.
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TELES and VoIPMONSTER Intensify Operations in Middle East

TELES has strengthened its five year partnership with Dubai based distributor VoiPMONSTER to help provide the Middle East with dedicated and improved service and consultation.

In March 2010, VoIPMONSTER successfully completed the TELES Certification Workshop for Access Gateway Products, entitling them to provide dedicated full customer service and support to their customers.
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Rebtel Introduces VoIP Services Between Pakistan and 50 Countries

rebtel_logo.gifPakistanis living in 50 countries around the world can now call friends and family in Pakistan free of charge using any phone - landline or mobile - with the introduction of Rebtel service in Pakistan.

The same goes for people in Pakistan who can now use their landline or mobile phones to call friends and family in 50 other countries free of charge, or make ultra-cheap calls to anywhere else in the world using Rebtel, the Internet phone company.
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Agreement to Bring Cost Effective VoIP Services to the Middle East

text-partnership.jpgiTeknik announces that OMNIAT Telecom has selected the company's TeleCents Communications subsidiary to provide VoIP services to route international calls to the Middle East and other destinations worldwide. The agreement also enables TeleCents to use certain OMINIAT routes in Syria, Lebanon and Jordan for its customers.

According to TeleCents CEO Jeffrey Lauzon, OMNIAT benefits immediately from the large number of International destinations where TeleCents is able to terminate calls. In addition, TeleCents VoIP service enables OMNIAT to offer competitive international calling services to its customers with almost no additional capital investment. TeleCents' VoIP infrastructure provides immediate access to a global footprint which consists of tier one carriers routing calls to more than 200 countries worldwide.
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Etisalat Will Market Skye-phone in Middle East

HOP-ON announces the first carrier deployment of its Skye-phone product to Dubai's national telephone carrier Etisalat. The distribution approval, received last Monday, completes the first phase of Skye-phones' Global Peer Program.

Speaking at an Industry event in Internet city, Dubai Mr. Mohamed Salem, chief manager of new product development, stated, "The Skye-phone service will enable Etisalat to exploit a previously underserved and untapped market in the region. The first deployment of service is expected in 3Q of this year in Dubai."
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VoIP Overlay Solution Selected by MyTel of Pakistan

Verso with regional partner Al-Futtaim Technologies and local partner Northtech have been selected by MyTel of Pakistan to provide the Verso MetroNet VoIP Overlay solution, including the Verso Back Office Solution, an integrated back office application that supports network administration, provisioning and billing, all riding over a WiMAX network infrastructure.

Verso offers providers entering the wireless WiMAX arena voice communications and services including VoIP, prepaid, IP Centrex and voicemail and more. The MetroNet VoIP Overlay solution, which runs over both wireless and WiMAX networks, integrates and packages a standard set of VoIP features and capabilities which includes Verso Clarent® Class-5 and Class-4 switching technologies, as well as other core capabilities and services including an optional VBO component that supports in the management of the solution.
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VoIP Infrastructure Upgrades to Kuwait

INX announces that it has been awarded an infrastructure upgrade contract for the 160th Signal Brigade, US Army, Kuwait.

The 160th Signal Brigade, US Army, Kuwait, is the permanently assigned unit responsible for all Army communications for locations in Southwest Asia for Kuwait, Qatar, and Afghanistan. With Voice over IP (VoIP) taking hold in region as a result of the Voice over Secure IP initiative implemented by the Defense Information Systems Agency and the certification of Cisco Systems VoIP products by the Joint Interoperability Test Command lab, the Army is now moving forward with infrastructure upgrades that are required in preparation for VoSIP communications implementation.
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Efonica VoIP Products and Services at GITEX 2006

efonica.jpgFusion Telecommunications Intl will showcase its innovative line of Efonica VoIP products and services at the 26th Annual GITEX Exhibition to be held in Dubai, UAE from November 18th - 22nd. Nearly 120,000 people are expected to visit the exhibits from over 60 countries, including a number of Fusion's current and potential premium service distribution partners from key markets around the world.

"Fusion is very happy to continue to drive worldwide consumer awareness and further enhance our subscriber experience with our participation in this year's GITEX," said Matthew Rosen, President and CEO of Fusion. "The Middle East represents a key market for Fusion, and we believe GITEX is an important forum for Efonica's innovative service offerings and an opportunity to further drive value by growing our worldwide Internet community."
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Efonica VoIP Services in Jordan

Fusion, a global VoIP service provider, announced that its Efonica Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) products and services will soon be available in Jordan with the creation of Fusion Jordan. As the Company continues to strengthen its worldwide market reach, Fusion has signed an agreement to secure the exclusive use of a license to offer a full suite of Efonica VoIP services throughout Jordan. With a population of over five million and nearly 400% growth of Internet users over the last five years, Jordan represents a key market experiencing dramatic growth among Internet communities in the Middle East.
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Telecom Egypt Transition to VoIP

Zhone Technologies, Inc., the first company dedicated to building total-delivery solutions for voice, data, video and entertainment services worldwide, announced a major project with Telecom Egypt, who will deploy Zhone's MALC Broadband Loop Carrier Technology to provide VoIP and Data Services for various parts of their Network.
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Lingo VoIP Phone Service Starts Offering to Israeli Markets

U.S. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone service provider, Lingo, announced that its customers will now have the opportunity to add local phone numbers in Israel to their VoIP phone service. Lingo is offering phone numbers associated with Israel's most densely populated business and cultural center, Tel-Aviv. This enables the thriving U.S. Israeli-American community to stay in touch with family and business contacts in Israel without the high cost of overseas calling.
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VoiceXML Hosting to Europe and the Middle East

Voxeo Corporation, the leading provider of standards-based Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and Voice-over-IP (VoIP) platforms, and MAP Telecom, a leading IVR hosting provider in Europe and the Middle East, announced a multi-year strategic partnership whereby Voxeo will provide the IVR infrastructure for MAP Telecom's current facilities in Europe and four planned facilities in the Middle East.
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Verso Hosts VoIP Solutions Seminar in Cairo

Verso Technologies, Inc., a global provider of next generation network solutions, announced it will host a VoIP solutions seminar at the Ramses Hilton Hotel in Cairo on March 6, 2006. The event is co-sponsored by Cairo-based technology distributors Laroncom and NourConsult, which recently formed an alliance to become a key distributor of Verso products in Egypt.

Featured speakers include Stefan Schoofs, sales director, Verso Technologies, Dr. Mohamed Sakr, managing director, Laroncom, and Hussein Nour Eldin, managing director, Nour Consult. The two-part seminar will include business strategies sessions for decision makers as well as technical sessions targeted to engineers.
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