Agreement to Bring Cost Effective VoIP Services to the Middle East

text-partnership.jpgiTeknik announces that OMNIAT Telecom has selected the company's TeleCents Communications subsidiary to provide VoIP services to route international calls to the Middle East and other destinations worldwide. The agreement also enables TeleCents to use certain OMINIAT routes in Syria, Lebanon and Jordan for its customers.

According to TeleCents CEO Jeffrey Lauzon, OMNIAT benefits immediately from the large number of International destinations where TeleCents is able to terminate calls. In addition, TeleCents VoIP service enables OMNIAT to offer competitive international calling services to its customers with almost no additional capital investment. TeleCents' VoIP infrastructure provides immediate access to a global footprint which consists of tier one carriers routing calls to more than 200 countries worldwide.

"We launched our VoIP technologies a year ago with the idea of creating a global footprint that would provide our customers with worldwide seamless interconnectivity to multiple tier one networks," stated Jeffrey Lauzon, CEO of TeleCents. "We offer low cost routing without the large security deposits normally associated with projects of this scale. At the same time, OMNIAT Telecom is assisting us in accomplishing our goal of bringing cost effective VoIP service through our Tier One facility to parts of the Middle East. OMNIAT has some excellent routing to certain areas in the Middle East that will enhance our network. TeleCents continues to focus on growth and expand our services through quality providers like OMNIAT."

OMNIAT Telecom is based in Orlando, Florida, with services throughout the United States along with international service which can be used anywhere in the world. The company guarantees the quality of its international connections 100% of the time.

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