Vonage Granted Mobile VoIP Handoff Patent

vonage_logo.gifVonage announced the grant of U.S. Pat. No. 8,223,720 titled "Systems and Methods for Handoff of Mobile Telephone Call in a VoIP Environment." This invention allows a mobile handset user who is on a voice-over-IP call to seamlessly move between multiple wireless data connections without dropping the call. The '720 patent was granted approximately 7 months after filing under the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office's new Prioritized Examination Procedure.

The grant of the '720 patent reflects Vonage's ongoing innovation supporting its mobile growth initiative, including its new Vonage Mobile app for Android and iPhone smartphones which enables free high-definition calls and texts to other app users worldwide, as well as low-cost international calls to phones without the VoIP app. This is Vonage's third patent to issue in six weeks (see previous release), reflecting Vonage's commitment to develop and protect useful and innovative technologies to better serve the needs of Vonage's customers.
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Vonage Granted Two New Patents

vonage_logo.gifVonage has been awarded two new patents.

The first patent — U.S. Pat. No. 8,213,594 — titled "Method and Apparatus for Placing a Long Distance Call Based on a Virtual Phone Number," granted on July 3, 2012, allows consumers to communicate to distant locations without incurring long distance or international calling charges. This is Vonage's third patent related to the use of virtual phone numbers. Vonage's first two patents directed to virtual phone numbers — U.S. Pat. Nos. 7,386,111 and 7,680,262 — were granted on June 10, 2008 and March 16, 2010, respectively. Virtual phone numbers allow people outside a Vonage customer's local calling area to call a Vonage customer for the price of a local call. Vonage customers can choose a virtual phone number in the calling area of a parent, relative or friend or wherever they want to establish a "virtual" presence.
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Vonage Launches Free Extensions Apps for iPhone and Android Devices

vonage_logo.gifVonage announces the availability of a free downloadable app for iPhones that enables one-touch international dialing using the recently announced Extensions service. A free Extensions app for Android devices was launched in September. These new Vonage Extensions apps allow customers to extend Vonage's signature unlimited international calling plans to their smartphones using an easy-to-use app, providing even greater convenience.

The new apps let users dial international phone numbers directly through their existing contact list so there's no need for users to re-enter numbers or leave the app to make calls. The international calling apps are available for immediate download at the iTunes App Store and Android Marketplace.

Customers can register for up to two mobile Extensions through their online accounts at www.vonage.com.
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Vonage Adds Free Mobile Extensions

vonage_logo.gifVonage is allowing customers to extend their Vonage home calling plans to any phone, including mobiles. The move allows customers to use Vonage's signature unlimited international calling plans from their mobile phones to call friends and family abroad. The new service offering -- Extensions -- is free to all Vonage customers and builds upon Vonage's history of providing unsurpassed value to customers for both domestic and international calling.

Existing customers can add any U.S. phone number as an extension by logging into their online account at www.vonage.com. The extension phone number can be a cell phone, a home phone or even an office number. Once registered, the service works like a virtual calling card. Simply dial the access number and international destination number and the call is connected over the Vonage network.
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4.75 Million Settlement Reached with Vonage, Resolving Consumer Class Action Over

vonage_logo.gifLaw firms Seeger Weiss LLP and Cohen Milstein Sellers & Toll PLLC announced that the U.S. District Court of New Jersey has granted final approval to a proposed settlement of a consumer class action against telecom provider Vonage Holdings Corp. challenging the company’s sales and marketing practices. The final settlement of In re Vonage Marketing and Sales Practice Litigation follows a fairness hearing on May 12, 2011. The settlement will likely provide dollar-for-dollar recovery to most settlement class members.

This multi-district litigation involved Vonage’s promotional “one month free” and “money back guarantee” offers and application of certain charges (including disconnect, cancellation and termination fees), and subscription fees despite requests for cancellation, which allegedly violated the law. Seeger Weiss partner Jonathan Shub and associate Scott George served as co-lead counsel in this case, along with Andrew Friedman and Victoria Nugent of Cohen, Milstein.
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Vonage Launches New Plan With Unlimited Calling to Mobile Phones in More Than 40 Countries

vonage_logo.gifVonage introduced the World Premium Unlimited calling plan. This new offering builds on the value of the popular World plan by expanding the number of countries for unlimited calling from 60 to 80, including unlimited calling to mobile phones in 42 countries.

"People who make international calls to mobiles are frustrated by the huge premiums they pay to their phone company," said Mike Tempora, senior vice president of product management for Vonage. "World Premium provides these callers with the peace of mind to call any landline or mobile number in 42 countries including Brazil, Costa Rica, Japan, Australia, France, Spain and the UK for one flat price. Customers who use World Premium Unlimited to call as little as one hour a week to mobile phones in countries like Mexico and the UK will save over $400 a year versus the best pay per minute rates from major phone companies."
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Vonage Announces Investor Partnership Distribution

vonage_logo.gifVonage announces that New Enterprise Associates, the original venture capital investor in Vonage, has distributed 9.3 million shares of Vonage common stock to the limited partners of its funds. NEA remains a major Vonage shareholder and following the distribution retains two-thirds of its original holdings, representing 8 percent of Vonage's outstanding stock.

Commenting on the announcement, Vonage's CEO, Marc Lefar said, "Stock distributions are a standard mechanism to distribute gains to limited partners. NEA has been a loyal, long-term investor over the past eight years and we value their continued support. We are pleased that NEA remains a substantial shareholder while providing its limited partners liquidity as provided for under the terms of its partnership agreements. With this distribution, Vonage's common stock will have greater public float, providing additional access to institutional investors."
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Vonage Gives Facebook Users a Voice

vonage_logo.gifVonage introduced the Vonage Mobile application for Facebook. This new service allows users to make free mobile calls to all of their Facebook friends who have the app, anywhere in the world, directly from their friends list, with a single touch.

The downloadable application is free to get and free to use. The new service enhances the ability to connect with Facebook friends through the addition of voice calling. It is available for iPhone, iPod touch and Android devices. And the service works over Wi-Fi and 3G /4G networks in most countries.

The new service is easy to use. The app works with a user's existing community of Facebook friends, so there's no need to remember screen names or to input numbers. The application eliminates dialing - users can just click on a friend and start talking. When placing a call, the friend's profile picture and status update display on the screen.
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Vonage Names Amichay Oren Vice President of Research and Development

vonage_logo.gifVonage announces that Amichay Oren has been appointed Vice President, Research and Development. Mr. Oren will be responsible for driving Vonage's technology strategy, evolving the Company's IP-based communications platform and developing its next generation mobile and web-based products. He will lead technology teams in Holmdel, New Jersey and Tel Aviv, Israel. He will be located in Tel Aviv, Israel.

"Amichay has a proven track record as an innovative technologist in VoIP and mobile applications development," said Chief Executive Officer, Marc Lefar. "He will be instrumental in expanding the capabilities of our network to deliver new products to our customers.
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Vonage Cash Back Offer Puts More Money and More Minutes in Your Pocket

vonage_logo.gifVonage has utilized VoIP technology to drastically reduce the amount of overhead small companies and regular consumers are required to pay for basic communication. Now is the time to get in at the ground level, when prices are low and companies like Vonage-Promotions.com are offering attractive cash-back incentives.
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Vonage Receives Second Virtual Phone Number Patent

vonage_logo.gifVonage announces the grant of a virtual phone number patent. The patent -- No. 7,680,262 - titled "Method and Apparatus for Placing a Long Distance Call Based on a Virtual Phone Number," allows consumers to communicate to distant locations without incurring long distance or international calling charges. This is Vonage's second patent related to the use of virtual phone numbers. Vonage's first patent directed to the use of virtual phone numbers -- No. 7,386,111 -- was granted on June 10, 2008.
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Vonage UK Offers Consumers Unlimited Calls to India from the UK

Vonage.jpgVonage UK is offering consumers unlimited calls to India from the UK, has also proven to be a big hit with businesses that have strong connections with India.

V-plan 4i – a new concept in telecommunications

Recognising the wide-ranging and extensive business and personal ties between the two countries, Vonage was the first UK phone service provider to introduce a package offering unlimited calls to India. Since its launch in November 2009, many businesses have benefited from this innovative service. D'zine Interactive, a UK-based international brand communication and digital agency, experienced immediate benefits from the package.
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Vonage UK Wins Best Consumer VoIP Award at 2009 ITSPA Awards

vonage_logo.gifHeld on the 10th December at the Strangers Dining Room of the House of Commons, the award acknowledges Vonage UK as setting the industry standard for VoIP services to the public. This year's award recognises the company's commitment and dedication to industry-leading standards of customer service, value for money and providing a wealth of service features to their clients across the world.
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Vonage Mobile Comes to the iPhone, BlackBerry and iPod Touch

vonage_logo.gifVonage launches Vonage Mobile, its first mobile calling application for smartphones. Vonage Mobile is a free downloadable application that provides seamless, low-cost international calling while on Wi-Fi or cellular networks. Once downloaded, the service saves customers more than 50% on calls to dozens of countries versus the rates charged by wireless carriers while providing far more convenience than calling cards. Vonage Mobile will be available for download on the iPhone, BlackBerry and iPod touch at www.vonage.com and the iTunes App Store later today.
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Vonage Introduces Unlimited Flat Rate Calling Around the World and Readable Voicemail

Unlimited Calls to the US + 60 Countries - $24.99/montVonage introduces two new services that dramatically improve the value of its core offering. "Vonage World," provides unlimited calling around the world to more than 60 countries, including India, Mexico and China for the current flat monthly rate of $24.99.

In addition, the new Vonage Visual Voicemail service extends the company's presence onto other devices by providing unlimited "readable voicemail" delivered via email or SMS text message. Vonage is the only U.S. home phone service provider to offer voice-to-text conversion at no additional charge. Both services will become basic features of the core Vonage offering.
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