A quick rundown by MSNBC

I'm not really sure what information MSNBC was trying to share in their "Tip Sheet" on VoIP but maybe for the general user its a little more informative. About a paragraph each on Vonage, Verizon, AT&T, and Cablevision (who isn't really much of a player). So, with that in mind check out their tips at MSNBC.

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Vonage experiences outage

Vonage dropped the ball on Friday. Apparently they had a few glitches after performing an upgrade the night before. Though this is a very common problem with performing software updates I am sure the 250,000 customers who had no services for roughly 45 minutes will not take much comfort in that fact!

Hopefully this little "ball dropping" by Vonage wont turn others away from VoIP.

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FCC fines VoIP blocking telco

I know its all over the news but in case you haven't heard the FCC tracked down and investigated the complaints made by Vonage and Nuvia that their customers using Voice Over Internet were being blocked. Apparently roughly 200 customers were unable to even make emergency calls. Luckily for our country the FCC was quick to move and charge the offending company a warning and fine, other countries are not as fortunate. What I find confusing though is some news articles report the offending company (Madison River Communications) as a telco and some a broadband provider and though they do provide phone and DSL services, it would have been helpful for someone to mention this.

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Who's Blocking Vonage? SBC and Verizon say its not them.

So which service provider is the guilty party trying to block Voice over IP services from Vonage Holdings? Not us, said two of the nation's largest telecom service providers, SBC Communications and Verizon Communications.
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