Pingo Adds VoIP SoftPhone

PingoPingo released a new feature that enables customers to make low-cost international calls using PCs from anywhere in the world where there is Internet access. With SoftPhone, Pingo customers can use Internet-connected PCs to call any fixed or mobile phone and avoid access charges and high mobile roaming costs. The feature is particularly cost-effective for calls made from international destinations as the calls are charged at the same low per-minute rates as those originating from the United States.
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Pingo Reduces the Cost to Call Pakistan

PingoPingo reduces the cost to call Pakistan by more than 30 percent. The lower Pakistan prepaid calling card rate is enabled by RateWatcher, a Pingo feature that actively searches for opportunities to reduce costs for customers. Pingo has also announced that new subscribers can receive one hundred free minutes of calling to Pakistan by registering through the page, which also contains additional information on the offering.
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VoIP Provider Pingo Adds New Convenience Features

PingoPingo adds new convenience features making it easier than ever for consumers and small business users to take advantage of VoIP for low-cost international calling. Pingo and Pingo Business are powerful telephony services that deliver the savings of VoIP, while allowing consumers to use any fixed-line or mobile phone without additional specialized equipment purchases or software downloads.

Pingo consumers have long been able to set up their accounts to automatically recharge when they reach a predetermined balance. Now, with the new feature, Pingo's interactive voice response system alerts users making Pingo calls when their account has a low balance, and with the simple push of the key a consumer's account can be replenished.
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Pingo Named a Finalist in LinkShare Golden Link Awards

iraq militar dad banner PingoPingo has been named a Finalist in the Fourth Annual LinkShare Golden Link Awards hosted by LinkShare Corporation. The awards recognize the best of breed practices of merchants who do business on the World Wide Web. The Fourth Annual LinkShare Golden Link Awards are part of LinkShare Symposium 2007, an annual event presented by LinkShare Corporation that brings together hundreds of leading companies in e-commerce, and will be announced at a ceremony on June 19 in New York City.
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Reduces Cost of Calls to the Philippines with Pingo

Pingo 234x60 free tshirt bannerPingo announces lower rates on calls to the Philippines -- 13.75 cents for calls to landline phones and 14.5 cents for calls to mobile phones. The Philippines is one of the highest-volume calling destinations in the world, and is a particularly popular destination for users of prepaid calling card services such as Pingo. Philippines long distance calls comprise approximately 4 percent of all international calls from the U.S.1

The reduction in Pingo’s international calling card rates to the Philippines is the result of RateWatcher, a feature of Pingo that actively searches for opportunities to reduce costs and pass the savings along to Pingo phone card subscribers. RateWatcher is just one of the features that makes Pingo “the last calling card you’ll ever need”. With RateWatcher, Pingo calling card customers benefit from the worldwide buying power of iBasis, one of the largest carriers of international telephone calls in the world.
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Pingo Prepaid Calling Service Goes Global

iBasis, the global VoIP company, announced major enhancements to Pingo, its online prepaid calling card service. Now customers around the world can purchase the Pingo service with international credit cards, make payments in four currencies, view Pingo rates in more than 38 other currencies, and interact with the Pingo website and hear automated voice prompts in five languages.

With the new features, Pingo becomes a global prepaid calling product, bringing to international markets the same competitive rates and convenience features that have fueled its growth in the U.S. Also, Pingo announced that it has reduced calling rates to 125 countries by as much as 30 percent. The enhancements and rate reductions make Pingo the most competitively priced, easy-to-use service of its kind, providing consumers in the more than 35 countries where Pingo is available a convenient way to save money on international calling.
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