VoIP Provider Pingo Adds New Convenience Features

Pingo adds new convenience features making it easier than ever for consumers and small business users to take advantage of VoIP for low-cost international calling. Pingo and Pingo Business are powerful telephony services that deliver the savings of VoIP, while allowing consumers to use any fixed-line or mobile phone without additional specialized equipment purchases or software downloads.

PingoPingo consumers have long been able to set up their accounts to automatically recharge when they reach a predetermined balance. Now, with the new feature, Pingo's interactive voice response system alerts users making Pingo calls when their account has a low balance, and with the simple push of the key a consumer's account can be replenished.

For both consumers and business users, Pingo has also introduced enhanced speed-dialing capabilities. After registering mobile or fixed-line phones in their account online, users simply call their local Pingo access number and press a designated speed dial number to be easily and quickly connected to the desired domestic or international calling destinations.

Pingo provides consumers high-quality low-cost international calling and long distance service on a prepaid basis with no additional contract requirements. Customers save on calls to both landline and mobile phones in almost every country. Mobile phone users in particular can save as much as 90 percent on international calls by using Pingo's toll-free access and lower rates. Pingo minutes can be purchased with credit and debit cards, as well as PayPay.

Pingo Business provides small-to-medium size businesses reliable, low cost, easy-to-manage international calling for up to 999 employees on an "on demand" basis. SMB employees can use company-owned and their own fixed-line and mobile phones and achieve up to 90 percent savings on international calls through Pingo Business. Administrators can set individual spending limits, easily monitor usage and manage account balances through a single, centralized account. SMBs can also choose the amount of funds they wish to place in their master account, with no additional commitment required.

Pingo and Pingo Business customers can access the service in 35 countries, including the U.S., Australia, Canada, China, the U.K., France, Germany, Israel, Japan, Russia and Thailand. Pingo leverages the substantial economies of scale of iBasis, one of the top three carriers of international phone calls and operator of the most extensive international VoIP network in the world, and passes the benefits along to its customers.

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