Fusion and DigitalFX Launch helloPhone

fusion_logo.jpgDigitalFX has integrated Fusion's proprietary VoIP technology with live video on each call into helloWorld.com's social network with its streaming video platform. As a result, the more than 40,000 helloWorld users now have a new service: A feature-rich VoIP video phone at no cost with unlimited on-network calling to all other helloWorld users. HelloWorld customers make calls from a customized, state-of-the-art softphone that Fusion designed and developed. This new service further enriches the helloWorld.com experience, which already offers subscribers the ability to upload, store and share their calendars, pictures, emails, video emails, songs, documents, podcasts and live webcasts online from any computer anywhere in the world.
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Fusion to Offer VoIP Services in the Dominican Republic

fusion_logo.jpgFusion has acquired a license to sell its communications services in the Dominican Republic. The Dominican Republic provides a strong market opportunity for Fusion. The country has a growing Internet penetration that is approaching 23%, and a population of over nine million, representing about one quarter of the population of the Caribbean.

Fusion will offer a comprehensive suite of advanced voice, data and video products to consumers and businesses in the Dominican Republic. Recognizing the importance of connecting Dominican consumers and businesses with their friends, families and associates in markets around the world, Fusion is developing customized solutions to serve Dominican communities, wherever they may be. As it has in a number of markets worldwide, Fusion will establish distribution partnerships to serve the Dominican market, both inside and outside the country.
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DigitalFX to Offer Fusion's Advanced Services

fusion_logo.jpgFusion and its new strategic partner DigitalFX signed an agreement for DigitalFX to integrate Fusion's advanced unified messaging and digital telephone service into DigitalFX's cutting edge web 2.0 offerings for enterprises and individuals that include video creation and streaming, digital storage and advanced convergence technology.

The announcement comes a week after Las Vegas-based DigitalFX made a $700,000 investment in New York-based Fusion, which has over one million digital phone subscribers in 100 countries. The investment was described as the first step of many synergistic relationships that signals major advances in both companies' converged multimedia solutions.
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Fusion Offers a Simple and Easy Transition to VoIP

fusion_logo.jpgFusion is expanding its portfolio of advanced IP-based voice and data solutions designed especially for businesses. The launch of Fusion's IP Connect and IP Call Termination services makes it easy for companies that are not yet ready to move away from their traditional phone systems to enjoy the powerful benefits of VoIP.

IP Connect combines a company's interoffice, local, U.S. long distance, and international calling on a single IP circuit connected to its existing telephone system. Companies that want to maintain their local network access facilities can choose Fusion's IP Call Termination for outbound U.S. and international long distance calling. Both services deliver high quality, scalable, and secure connections over Fusion's carrier-class, managed IP network. Fusion's solutions include Quality of Service routers that prioritize voice traffic, guaranteeing superior voice quality while maintaining the integrity of data communications.
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Fusion's Efonica VoIP Service Surpasses 1 Million Users

efonica-logoFusion has registered more than One Million subscribers to its Efonica VoIP services.

"Fusion is very pleased to announce we have reached over One Million subscribers to our Efonica VoIP services", said Matthew Rosen, President and CEO of Fusion. "Now that we have achieved this major milestone, we are concentrating our efforts on driving revenue through marketing our paid services to consumers and corporations, directly and through the creation of strategic distribution partnerships around the world", continued Mr. Rosen.

Efonica offers subscribers the ability to call each other for free and the convenience of registering their existing landline or mobile telephone number as their Internet telephone number. Calls can be made to and from any combination of PCs, Internet phones, and regular telephones (with a SIP adapter), connected to either a wireless, broadband or dial-up Internet connection. The service incorporates Fusion's patent-pending worldwide Internet area code, which combined with a subscriber's existing telephone number, further simplifies the process of making a call. Consumers subscribe to Efonica by visiting http://www.efonica.com and completing a simple registration process.

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Fusion's Efonica VoIP Products to be Showcased at CeBIT

fusion_logo.jpgFusion will showcase its Efonica VoIP products and services at this year's CeBIT from March 15th - 21st in Hannover, Germany.

CeBIT is the world's largest trade fair showcasing digital IT and telecommunications solutions for home and work environments. Fusion will be demonstrating its full suite of Efonica VoIP services, including retail and corporate focused VoIP solutions to CeBIT's key target groups representing the industry, wholesale and retail sectors, banks, and government agencies.

"Fusion is excited to bring its revolutionary Efonica VoIP products and services to CeBIT this year. We believe the visibility and business possibilities presented at CeBIT represent significant opportunities for Fusion to build our network of partners and broaden our retail distribution network for Efonica's premium VoIP products," said Matthew Rosen, President and CEO of Fusion.
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Efonica's Mobilink VoIP Service V-Day Promotion

efonica.jpgFusion announced it has reached an agreement with the Daily News in New York to promote its Efonica VoIP services via a Valentine's Day sweepstakes. One thousand winners will be selected to make a free Efonica call to a family member or loved one anywhere in the world using Efonica's recently launched Mobilink service.

The nine day promotion, which kicks off today, gives 1,000 Daily News readers selected at random from all sweepstakes entrants, the opportunity to call anywhere in the world for five minutes using Efonica from their home or mobile phones. The international demographics represented by the nearly 800,000 readers of the Daily News closely mirror Fusion's target market of consumers who communicate frequently with friends and family around the world.
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Fusion to Showcase Efonica VoIP Products at CES

Fusion will showcase its Efonica VoIP products and services at this year's Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas from January 8th through January 12th.

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is the world's largest annual tradeshow for consumer technology and America's largest annual tradeshow of any kind. The 2006 show attracted approximately 140,000 attendees with 2,700 exhibitors. Fusion will be demonstrating its full suite of Efonica VoIP services, including the recently launched Mobilink service - the first service that allows consumers to make free in-network VoIP calls from their mobile phones without the need for special hardware or Internet access.

"Fusion is very excited to bring its revolutionary Efonica VoIP products and services to the consumer electronics marketplace this year. For the first time, Fusion will be among the CES retailers from around the world, and we intend to use this opportunity to broaden our retail distribution network for Efonica's premium VoIP products", said Matthew Rosen, President and CEO of Fusion.
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Mobilink Gives Consumers VoIP from their Mobile Phones

efonica.jpgFusion announced the launch of Mobilink, a revolutionary new service that allows subscribers to access its retail Efonica VoIP services from their mobile phones, without Internet access or special software.

Mobilink allows subscribers to enjoy the low cost and excellent quality of VoIP from their mobile phones. Subscribers simply dial an access number, which automatically authenticates their Efonica member status and allows them to call virtually any number in the world at savings of up to 80% compared to their mobile carrier. This service will also be available from landline telephones.

An important Mobilink feature allows users to call any in-network Efonica subscriber worldwide for free by simply dialing '10,' the Worldwide Internet Area Code, prior to the registered phone number of the called party. Subscribers to Mobilink also have access to Efonica's full suite of Internet based VoIP solutions. Consumers subscribe to Mobilink by visiting Efonica's new website at http://www.efonica.com/ and completing an easy registration process.
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Efonica VoIP Products and Services at GITEX 2006

efonica.jpgFusion Telecommunications Intl will showcase its innovative line of Efonica VoIP products and services at the 26th Annual GITEX Exhibition to be held in Dubai, UAE from November 18th - 22nd. Nearly 120,000 people are expected to visit the exhibits from over 60 countries, including a number of Fusion's current and potential premium service distribution partners from key markets around the world.

"Fusion is very happy to continue to drive worldwide consumer awareness and further enhance our subscriber experience with our participation in this year's GITEX," said Matthew Rosen, President and CEO of Fusion. "The Middle East represents a key market for Fusion, and we believe GITEX is an important forum for Efonica's innovative service offerings and an opportunity to further drive value by growing our worldwide Internet community."
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Efonica VoIP Surpasses 750,000 Subscribers

efonica.jpgFusion Telecommunications International, Inc., a global communications service provider, announced that it has registered more than 750,000 subscribers from more than 100 countries since launching its free Efonica VoIP services this past June. In addition, Fusion now has more than 10,000 paid Efonica subscribers who are taking advantage of Fusion's advanced paid services.
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Efonica VoIP Services in Jordan

Fusion, a global VoIP service provider, announced that its Efonica Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) products and services will soon be available in Jordan with the creation of Fusion Jordan. As the Company continues to strengthen its worldwide market reach, Fusion has signed an agreement to secure the exclusive use of a license to offer a full suite of Efonica VoIP services throughout Jordan. With a population of over five million and nearly 400% growth of Internet users over the last five years, Jordan represents a key market experiencing dramatic growth among Internet communities in the Middle East.
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Efonica VoIP Services Fuse with MasterCard Cardholders

Fusion Telecommunications International, Inc., a global VoIP service provider, announced that it has entered into a retail marketing alliance with MasterCard Worldwide to offer its suite of premium paid Efonica services to MasterCard cardholders. As part of the agreement, Fusion will market its premium paid Efonica VoIP services via http://www.mastercard.com.
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Efonica Explodes with 250,000 Subscribers in Less Than 45 Days

Fusion Telecommunications International, Inc., a global VoIP service provider, announced that it has added an additional 150,000 subscribers to its new Efonica service in the last two weeks, increasing the number of subscribers to 250,000 in less than 45 days since its launch.
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