Mobilink Gives Consumers VoIP from their Mobile Phones

efonica.jpgFusion announced the launch of Mobilink, a revolutionary new service that allows subscribers to access its retail Efonica VoIP services from their mobile phones, without Internet access or special software.

Mobilink allows subscribers to enjoy the low cost and excellent quality of VoIP from their mobile phones. Subscribers simply dial an access number, which automatically authenticates their Efonica member status and allows them to call virtually any number in the world at savings of up to 80% compared to their mobile carrier. This service will also be available from landline telephones.

An important Mobilink feature allows users to call any in-network Efonica subscriber worldwide for free by simply dialing '10,' the Worldwide Internet Area Code, prior to the registered phone number of the called party. Subscribers to Mobilink also have access to Efonica's full suite of Internet based VoIP solutions. Consumers subscribe to Mobilink by visiting Efonica's new website at and completing an easy registration process.

"Fusion is excited to offer this unique new service, particularly to the international community, and we believe that offering a free in-network calling option will significantly increase the savings for subscribers making international calls," said Matthew Rosen, President and CEO of Fusion. "Mobilink brings the benefits of VoIP to a larger universe of consumers that use mobile phones as their primary communications tool, and allows these customers to retain their usual calling habits while offering the quality and cost savings of Efonica's VoIP services," continued Mr. Rosen. "With this new service, Fusion is taking another step at bringing families, friends and business associates closer together."

Efonica's service incorporates Fusion's patent-pending worldwide Internet area code, which makes calling simple. The world's first worldwide Internet area code allows subscribers to dial a '10' before an Internet phone number to call other subscribers in-network for free, eliminating the need to introduce any complicated or confusing new dialing patterns. Efonica's subscribers are able to use their existing landline or mobile numbers as their Internet phone numbers. Subscribers can call each other from any combination of PCs, Internet phones, regular phones with a SIP adapter or access number and mobile phones with an access number. A wireless, broadband, or dial-up Internet connection or an access number is all subscribers need to enjoy Efonica's enhanced features and benefits. Efonica also offers a number of premium services designed to further enhance the calling experience of its subscribers.

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