Fusion's Efonica VoIP Service Surpasses 1 Million Users

efonica-logoFusion has registered more than One Million subscribers to its Efonica VoIP services.

"Fusion is very pleased to announce we have reached over One Million subscribers to our Efonica VoIP services", said Matthew Rosen, President and CEO of Fusion. "Now that we have achieved this major milestone, we are concentrating our efforts on driving revenue through marketing our paid services to consumers and corporations, directly and through the creation of strategic distribution partnerships around the world", continued Mr. Rosen.

Efonica offers subscribers the ability to call each other for free and the convenience of registering their existing landline or mobile telephone number as their Internet telephone number. Calls can be made to and from any combination of PCs, Internet phones, and regular telephones (with a SIP adapter), connected to either a wireless, broadband or dial-up Internet connection. The service incorporates Fusion's patent-pending worldwide Internet area code, which combined with a subscriber's existing telephone number, further simplifies the process of making a call. Consumers subscribe to Efonica by visiting http://www.efonica.com and completing a simple registration process.

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