V-Global Offers Free Worldwide Voice and Video Calls to iNums

V-Global has joined the international consortium of carriers connecting free voip calls to iNum numbers and providing iNum numbers to its customers free of charge. “iNum” stands for an international phone number assigned to the universal country code +883 by the ITU.

V-Global customers can direct iNum voip calls to their devices with broadband or wifi connections to the Internet including voip phone sets, smart phones, computers, laptops and tablets. Voip phones already have software built into them that connect phone calls over the Internet while smartphones, tablets, computers and laptops use apps to provide voip calling capability. V-Global also offers its customers free apps for iPhones, iPads, computers and laptops with apps for Android and Microsoft smart phones and tablets available for a small one-time charge. Legacy phones also can be connected to the Internet through a gateway or ATA to take advantage of free iNum calls but without video screens, they will be limited to voice only calling.

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