VoIP Supply Celebrates Ten Years of Sales Success

VoIP Supply enters its second decade of successful business, reflecting on its most significant accomplishments and its vision for continued industry leadership.

Founded by Benjamin P. Sayers in 2002, Buffalo-based VoIP Supply has grown rapidly and continuously—adding revenue, profitability, and staff—with a sustained compound annual growth rate for the entire decade exceeding 20 percent. VoIP Supply's annual revenue in 2011 exceeded $21.5 million, double its 2005 annual revenue despite an industry-wide downturn in 2008-2009, supported by its staff of 36 full-time employees.

VoIP Supply delivers seven thousand product SKUs from 90 vendors, to more than its 120 thousand customers.

VoIP Supply attributes this sustained growth to its focus on providing value to its customers especially in vertical markets like telephony, video and voice-over-IP. By focusing on its core expertise, it delivers in-depth product understanding to its customers, with expert technical support for provisioning and installation. Unlike other web-based retailers, VoIP Supply has created its own category and has become the leading vertical-etailer, or v-tailer. By hiring right, their team members are experts in the entire range of products it offers. That expertise is one way VoIP Supply has become a value leader in ecommerce. By having a tight focus on vertical market sectors VoIP Supply successfully provides value to customers looking for products in the product and services verticals it now operates in.

"We treat our customers the way we want to be treated when we call in for advice or support. If I've got questions, I want to speak with someone who can answer my questions, our customers do as well," said VoIP Supply founder and CEO Benjamin P. Sayers. "That's what differentiates us from other suppliers. All of our people have real expertise in the products and services that we sell and support. Our customers can always reach someone who can help them."

VoIP Supply is the oldest and largest supplier for voice-over-IP products in North America. They are also the marketplace trendsetters; whenever VoIP Supply rolls out a program for resellers or service providers, other retailers attempt to mimic these programs.

"As we bring forward new technology and initiatives, VoIP Supply is with us every step of the way bringing innovation, passion, and forward thinking. They are an important Cisco partner and player in this industry," said Marty Kertman, Partner Development Manager, Cisco Systems Inc.

"VoIP Supply has been a tremendous partner for Grandstream over the last 10 Years," said David Li, CEO of Grandstream. "Their passion and dedication to the IP technology marketplace allows them to be very in-tune with market, which has given us invaluable insight over the years which has helped us significantly grow our business. Grandstream went into business just before VoIP Supply, and we have seen first-hand that their expertise, customer service, and customer resources provide outstanding value to our channel. We thank them for 10 years of a strong relationship and we look forward to a long future relationship with VoIP Supply."

In a December-2011 survey of more than 500 of its customers, VoIP Supply learned just how completely over-the-top it is appreciated by them:
  • 98% are likely or very likely to recommend VoIP Supply to colleagues or other businesses
  • 97% are likely or very likely to purchase from VoIP Supply again
  • 87% report an exceptional or above average experience with VoIP Supply
"VoIP Supply has been one of TMC's primary providers of VoIP and video surveillance equipment for many years. Their sales staff is very knowledgeable in their product line and has been instrumental in providing TMC guidance on the best equipment to suit our needs. Considering the complexity of VoIP and video equipment and the plethora of products out there, VoIP Supply has never steered us wrong." - Tom Keating, VP & CTO, Technology Marketing Corporation

In celebration of this anniversary, VoIP Supply is offering special incentives to its customers with $10 Express Shipping (3-day) for each online order placed through March 31, 2012.

For seven consecutive years, VoIP Supply has been honored to be named one of Western New York's Top CEO's/Top Private Companies. Improving its ranking every year, VoIP Supply now ranks as the 50th top private company in the region. VoIP Supply is a three-time INC 500/5,000 honoree and in 2007, was ranked number 45 on the Entrepreneur Magazine's Hot 100 fastest growing companies in the U.S. VoIP Supply is also well known in the region as one of the best places to work in WNY as rated by Business First Magazine.

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