Imagination Announces Availability of HelloSoft V.VoIP MediaEngine SDK

hellosoft_logo.gifImagination Technologies announces its HelloSoft V.VoIP (Video + VoIP) MediaEngine SDK at the Enterprise Connect 2012 show in Orlando (Stand 305).

Imagination's HelloSoft V.VoIP MediaEngine SDK is a comprehensive suite of highly portable software components for high quality video and voice over IP (V.VoIP) media processing that delivers consistent, superior quality user experiences for devices in both wired and wireless enterprise environments.

The HelloSoft MediaEngine SDK consists of a wide range of all commonly used video and voice codecs, together with advanced Acoustic Echo Cancellation, Quality of Service and telephony components. The HelloSoft V.VoIP MediaEngine SDK also provides well-defined APIs and sample test wrappers for ease of integration with the call management software stacks of IP based voice and video conferencing products.

The HelloSoft MediaEngine SDK includes a highly optimized media engine that not only caters for packet losses, packet bursts and rapid bandwidth variations in a wireless environment but also delivers low power consumption, enabling users to extend significantly the battery life of any mobile device. This is complemented by a range of voice enhancement algorithms - such as howling suppressor, equalizers, noise cancellers and automatic gain and volume controls - which enables the highest possible carrier-grade user experience across any enterprise and/or mobile environment.

The HelloSoft MediaEngine SDK is available for licensing on multiple platforms and operating systems – including iOS, Android, Windows, OSX and Linux. This enables one common and consistent media engine to be deployed on any wireless device (such as PCs, mobile computing devices, tablets, mobile media devices and smartphones) as well as any wired platforms such as IP phones, analog telephone adapters, residential gateways, set-top boxes, and other CPE devices. It has been integrated and tested with a range of third party call management software stacks as well as Imagination's call management software and SIP stacks. The SDK software has been interoperability tested with wide range of IP-PBXs, end-points, infrastructure and servers, and supports all the key enterprise call features, such as call waiting, call forwarding, call hold/transfer/resume, 3-way conferencing and other Class 5 features.

Imagination's HelloSoft Media Engine SDK in combination with call management software and SIP stack is also available as a complete HelloSoft turn-key client.

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