Acmetel Consolidates Platform Operations to DIGITALK

Digitalk_logo.jpgAcmetel has selected DIGITALK as its preferred platform provider for its international wholesale and retail services. Acmetel has deployed the DIGITALK SBC VoIP Peering application, based on the DIGITALK Session Border Controller, to strengthen and grow its international wholesale business as part of an expansion strategy. At the same time, Acmetel has outgrown optimum capacity on it retail hosted partition, so is moving the prepaid services to the DIGITALK Multiservice Platform, with the additional benefit of consolidating all management and support to one provider.

Acmetel wanted to take greater control of service offerings and selected DIGITALK on its ability to deliver a full suite of fully integrated operations and business management functionality, and specifically to broaden the rating options for its wholesale customers. Acmetel also wanted to overcome the dependency on cumbersome hardware upgrades to achieve capacity and feature expansion.

The DIGITALK SBC VoIP Peering application offers a range of advanced routing options, which allows operators to manage routes based on cost, quality and margin, ensuring traffic is routed without loss or within a minimum profit threshold. Another critical advantage for Acmetel is the flexible carrier interworking achieved through the SBC Media Server's dynamic software-based transcoding enabling them to significantly expand carrier routing options without the need to deploy additional technologies.

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