VoX Communications Now Featured on Retail Ecommerce Site vontrump.com

vox_communications_logo.jpgVoX Communications is now the featured company on the ecommerce site http://www.vontrump.com/. The retail web site is offering several VoX products, and includes detailed descriptions, photos and videos to help the customer understand the benefits and features of the VoX's mobile VoIP app and video phone service.

VoX's Chief Executive Officer, Paul Riss, noted, "We are very excited about the VoIP apps and the Ojo video phone that we are selling, and we are working to display these products on a variety of web sites. The vontrump.com ecommerce site is currently running an ad on Facebook that includes a free shipping coupon for the Ojo Vision Digital Video phone, to help drive more consumers to the vontrump site and to help generate more video phones sales. As noted previously this week, we are also using Facebook to advertise our mobile VoIP application. Our goal is to educate people about our mobile VoIP so they realize how convenient and inexpensive it is to protect their privacy or become more organized with multiple telephone numbers on their mobile phone. Our VoX mobile app is the same high quality cloud-based telephone service that is enjoyed by our large wholesale customers."

VoX phone numbers can be downloaded to hundreds of popular handsets and mobile devices, such as the iPhone, iPad, Windows Mobile phones, Symbian phones, Palm and Android phones. A VoX virtual number can be permanent, or it can be changed whenever it is appropriate to do so. Consumers can have dozens of phone numbers ringing to the same mobile phone.

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