VoxOx Releases its Latest Version Named ''New VoxOx''

voxox_logo.jpgVoxOx announces the official release of its latest version, dubbed the “new VoxOx.” With this release, the VoxOx desktop software application presents a dramatically redesigned look, feel and feature integration. New functionality includes: VoxOx Call Connect – a service that allows a user to trigger a VoIP call on any device; Voicemail transcription – the first ever to be integrated into a desktop messenger style application; Contact merging; Expanded user web portal (my.voxox), and more. VoxOx has also debuted a new visual brand platform, which will serve as the foundation for the brand’s fresh strategic direction, focusing on the concepts of unification and liberation.

Software Overhaul
In earlier versions, VoxOx has been designed to present the richest possible feature set, offering consumers an unbridled power tool. The latest release of the VoxOx software builds on this foundation, and hones in on streamlining the user flow while integrating features into a powerful, new user experience. This new release has a fully redesigned UI, sleeker look and feel, and a complete reorganization of existing functionality. Some features have also moved from within the desktop software to a newly expanded online user portal and web store at http://my.voxox.com.

Technology Innovation & New Features
The majority of the new VoxOx functionality purports the idea of unification, starting at its communicator core with the debut of the industry’s first fully integrated messaging window. In past versions, each mode of conversation was delivered in a new window; however, in this release, all forms of communication are threaded seamlessly in a single conversation with a contact, allowing users to switch between communication modes, networks, even languages – all in one window. The release also includes a new free voicemail transcription service that integrates with the messaging window in an unprecedented way, incorporating text transcription of voice messages into IM, text, and email formats. This is coupled with the ability to select a free U.S. phone number nationwide (rather than have one assigned at random, as with previous releases). VoxOx has also launched an innovative form of contact merging that enables users to reach a person through any mode or network from a single contact view, thereby providing the ultimate interactive address book experience.

Furthermore, VoxOx has introduced a unique software and service integration that allows a user to place VoIP calls from any calling device – mobile, office phone, home phone, computer desktop, etc. – all through a service called VoxOx Call Connect. A combination of VoxOx’s built-in softphone, web and SMS callback features, this new service enables consumers to initiate a VoIP call (at cheap calling rates) between any two calling devices worldwide, even landlines. Within the desktop software, VoxOx Call Connect allows users to select the calling device from which they would like to place their VoIP call, and then, auto-dial any contact in their VoxOx buddy list on any of their respective phones. VoxOx Call Connect also enables users to initiate VoIP calls away from the computer through its SMS service or by calling into the service from any phone.

New Branding, New Initiatives
With the debut of the VoxOx technological advancements comes a new brand identity. The new identity consists of a fresh VoxOx visual brand platform, which features a new logo with an embracing, double-crescent avatar that forms a subtle “V” and a bold new web site to match. The new brand direction also includes cause awareness activities built around the tagline “Speak Free,” and entertainment-themed marketing initiatives, which will commence at the Consumer Electronics Show, January 6-9, 2010 in Las Vegas, Nevada, and unfold further in 2011. Flash crowds, iPhone giveaways, petition drives and related activities will make an appearance at the show.

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