VoIP Consultants ECG Announce BroadSoft Training with Network Analysis

Responding to the need for quality instruction for BroadSoft BroadWorks operations and engineering teams, ECG’s School of VoIP now offers a new course to provide comprehensive training on BroadWorks Call Processing and Troubleshooting. Students enrolled in any School of VoIP class gain new skills working with senior ECG engineers with years of experience in advanced VoIP network design and troubleshooting. These same engineers are also actively providing consulting services to ECG’s clients, so the expertise they bring to the classroom is on the cutting edge of current VoIP technology. ECG has provided BroadWorks network design and implementation since 2002 at dozens of carriers across the US, Canada, and Caribbean.

A carrier enlisting ECG’s School of VoIP to teach the BroadWorks Call Processing and Troubleshooting class can expect a comprehensive package that extends well beyond traditional classroom instruction. ECG’s engineer performs an on-site network evaluation to tailor the class to fit the unique needs and products. ECG’s courses emphasize practical objectives and hands-on lab exercises, so students walk away with skills that can be put into practice immediately. A 275-page course book developed by ECG is also provided to each student.

The BroadWorks Call Processing and Troubleshooting class covers the following topics in depth: Server Interactions; SIP Call Control In Depth; Analyzing Logs including XSLogs; Packet Captures on BroadWorks Servers; Command-Line Diagnostics with the BroadWorks CLI and ttlsql.

ECG adds the Call Processing and Troubleshooting class to the School of VoIP’s already extensive course catalog. These classes cover topics such as: Acme Packet SBC operation customized to your network; Broadworks installation and upgrades; IP Foundations for VoIP Carriers; and Advanced VoIP Engineering and Troubleshooting..

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