D2 Technologies Adds Full Skype Support to Its mCUE IP Communications Interface for Android-based Devices

D2_Logo.jpgD2 Technologies announces that its mCUE product line now fully supports Skype’s SkypeKit SDK. mCUE gives OEMs and ODMs a quick and economical way to speed Android OS-based devices to market that offer a communications client with native Skype interoperability and powerful integrated communication capabilities. Combining the SkypeKit SDK with mCUE’s advanced user interface and high quality media engine offers customers the added benefit of mCUE’s advanced multi-mode, multi-session, multi-protocol engine for full interoperability with multiple carrier and enterprise communications systems and other social networking services.

D2’s patented mCUE is an innovative VoIP and IP communications client that provides users with advanced presence-based and push-to-x control of circuit switched PSTN/cellular and VoIP calls, video chat/call, IM, presence, email, SMS, PBX, and other features typically only available on PC-based unified communications soft clients. Its revolutionary presence-based user interface, built on top of a multi-identity, multi-session, multi-protocol engine, enables flexible interoperability with multiple communications services and, in addition to Skype, social networking services like GoogleTalk, Yahoo!, MSN and AIM. mCUE also provides multi-radio, multi-network seamless voice call handover to provide call cost and voice quality optimization.

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