voxclever Highlights Differences Between Consumer & Business-Grade VoIP

voxclever highlights the significant differences between consumer and business-grade VoIP and the benefits it can bring to small businesses across the UK.

VoIP services can be divided into two clear categories, consumer VoIP i.e. Skype and VoIP for business i.e. Verizon. Whilst consumer VoIP services have helped to drive the overall uptake of VoIP over the past few years, these particular services are not always best suited for the business environment.

For example, although Skype is a great peer-to-peer service, if the public internet is busy VoIP calls will be affected as they are not prioritised and there can also be security issues involved if a business is using a consumer VoIP service rather than one better suited for a business environment.

Through the use of Business-grade VoIP services, companies can save significantly on costs as well as creating a more productive workforce, providing them with increased communication abilities and flexibility, in particular easing the integration process of a mobile working environment.

voxclever offers a wide range of services to small to medium businesses that are looking to grow within their industry, from a full service IT support programme, to virtual office solutions and internet telephony.

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