Truphone and Vodafone UK Enter Strategic MVNO Partnership

Truphone announces a strategic MVNO partnership with Vodafone UK. The agreement will give Truphone access to Vodafone UK's network to deliver voice and data services to its Truphone Local Anywhere customers.

The partnership is the first in a series of building blocks for the launch of Truphone Local Anywhere, a global SIM-based mobile service, launching today. Similar wholesale partnerships are being put together in other key travel destinations around the world in time for launch and rollout throughout 2010.

Truphone Local Anywhere is a ground breaking new global SIM-based service from Truphone that offers people with an international lifestyle an opportunity to save significant money on their mobile phone bills.

Using Truphone’s patented infrastructure and IN core network the Truphone Local Anywhere SIM allows customers to enjoy local rates in countries where Truphone has wholesale partnerships and also have the option of having local mobile numbers for those countries all on a single SIM. For those countries where Truphone does not have operator agreements, Truphone Local Anywhere offers significant savings over normal roaming charges.

Under the agreement, Truphone will have access to Vodafone’s network meaning that calls made by Truphone customers in the UK, as well as Truphone Local Anywhere roaming calls originating and terminating in the UK, will be delivered via the Vodafone UK network.

Truphone Local Anywhere is a single-SIM, multi-country mobile service. Users can make and receive calls via a local number and at a local price, in any Truphone country. The service will also offer number portability, so customers will be able to transfer existing mobile numbers across to the Truphone Local Anywhere service.

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