Netcordia Awarded VoIP Network Analysis Patent

Netcordia has been awarded a patent for its techniques of finding and diagnosing problems in VoIP networks. As one of many unique network topology discovery and analysis capabilities in Netcordia’s NetMRI software, this capability allows network managers to quickly identify the root cause of VoIP network performance degradation and speed resolution.

VoIP networks are indisputably the most cost-effective, feature-rich means of voice communication. However, routine troubleshooting can be challenging and time-consuming. One latent issue can trigger a dangerous domino effect across the entire network.

Netcordia’s NetMRI 4 tackles VoIP network problems head-on, by mapping any call path between the source and destination devices – and evaluating related call issues. Using unique topology discovery and analysis, NetMRI serves up accurate, actionable network insight that prevents the need for arduous detective work, freeing up network managers’ time for truly strategic initiatives.

NetMRI eliminates the fear of “What’s lurking? Where are the errors I haven’t caught yet?”

NetMRI overlays its VoIP network troubleshooting with three key status indicators along the call path to identify:
  • where any recent, related network changes occurred
  • potential mis-configurations in the VoIP network
  • policy compliance violations
With detailed drill-down analysis, these indicators present VoIP operators with easy-to-read diagnostic charts that raise red flags, and pinpoint the root cause of a network outage.

Netcordia provides the network change and configuration management solution of choice for thousands of enterprise and mid-size networks in higher education, finance and banking, healthcare, manufacturing and government.

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