Gizmo5 Inks Dash Carrier Services as Exclusive E911 Provider

Dash Carrier Services announces that it will be the exclusive E911 emergency service solutions provider for Gizmo5. Gizmo5 offers VoIP services to both consumers and businesses. Users can make and receive calls from any computer with browser access to the Internet, or use Gizmo5 to power IP phones. Also, Gizmo5 adds a host of features like call recording, IM, file sharing, and much more. Setting up a Gizmo5 account is free, as are inbound calls to a Gizmo client, with a small fee for outbound dialing.

Of particular note, is that Gizmo5 is 100% interoperable with GoogleVoice – so callers have the best of both worlds. Gizmo5 users can answer calls from their Google Voice US number on any device or software, with callees automatically seeing their Google Voice telephone number as Caller ID.

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