Telchemy Ships Over 30 Million Units Of VQmon

telchemy.jpgTelchemy announces that over 100 equipment manufacturers have successfully integrated Telchemy’s VQmon software into a wide range of products, such as IP phones, VoIP Gateways, Routers, Session Border Controllers, Probes and Analyzers. Over 30 million units of VQmon have been shipped, representing an annual growth rate of over 200%. This number does not include an estimated 100 million additional shipments by a number of large ISPs who license VQmon on a subscription model basis.

The VQmon product family incorporates:
  • VQmon/EP, ideal for IP Phones and Gateways to provide real-time VoIP performance measurement and reporting. VQmon/EP generated QoE reports can be analyzed using a “collector” such as Telchemy’s SQmediator.
  • VQmon/SA, designed for Routers, Probes and Analyzers to provide in depth analysis of VoIP traffic and IP performance
  • VQmon/SA-VM and VQmon/HD, integrated into Routers, Probes, Analyzers, and IP Set Top Boxes, providing a rich set of real time IPTV and IP Videoconferencing performance metrics.
VQmon products are compact, reliable, efficient and highly portable software agents that are integrated into a wide range of software and hardware platforms, producing accurate real-time, actionable, performance and QoE metrics for IP voice and video traffic. VQmon is unique in its ability to model the impact of time varying impairments on user perceived quality, which has been shown to materially improve the accuracy of QoE metrics.

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