Jaduka Voice Services Hit 4 Million Minutes Per Month

jaduka_logo.gifJaduka is reporting over 4 million minutes per month in customer voice traffic. Jaduka provides customers access to a variety of innovative services through its Web Services APIs, including: voice conferencing; web-initiated and privacy-protected phone calling; automated voice alerts and notifications; broadcast messaging; and VoIP-based PC-to-phone services.

Jaduka's API's and software development kit are optimized to leverage the platform capabilities of NetworkIP, its parent company. NetworkIP's carrier-grade telecommunications and services platform currently supports 865 million unique user accounts, and each day processes 700,000 API transactions and 1.5 million database queries.

Jaduka is again following its successful model of redeploying NetworkIP's unique strengths with the company's recently launched Transaction Services. The new high-volume, real-time data and account management services give digital publishers and aggregators the ability to leverage traditional retail distribution with stored value cards and also support direct e-commerce transactions through easy-to-use Web Services API's. Jaduka currently has the capacity to create 28 million new user accounts a day, process 300 million database queries each day, and process 1285 account transactions per second. Additionally, Jaduka is interconnected with major global Point of Sale Activation networks with existing connections to over 506,000 retail locations.

In the future, as mobile phones and handheld devices become point-of-sale purchasing tools, Jaduka's transaction services will afford merchants greater levels of retailing convenience. By combining its unique services portfolio with easy access to the powerful capabilities of NetworkIP, Jaduka is able to readily handle today's requirements while simultaneously future-proofing its customers' businesses

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