TR-069 Remote Management Extended to Address PON Devices

dsl_forum_logo.jpgAs vendors and service providers worldwide look to maximise revenues, the lack of common remote management capability across all access technologies is a major stumbling block as they look to lower management complexities, minimise truck rolls and introduce new revenue generating services.

The DSL Forum has taken steps to resolve this problem with the approval of Technical Report 142 “Framework for TR-069 enabled PON and fibre related devices”. Developed by the Forum’s DSLHome Technical Working Group, TR-142 defines how Auto-Configuration Servers in the network can remotely configure, troubleshoot and manage a Passive Optical Network optical network termination with layer 3 capabilities using the Forum’s existing CPE LAN management protocol, TR-069.

This will save the service provider both time and money, as they will not have to invest in another remote management solution purely for PON access. Many service provider networks are now a hybrid of fibre and DSL so having the same management platform is an essential development to ensuring broadband success.

“TR-142 enables vendors and providers to remotely manage PON devices without having to invest a substantial amount of money in new protocols and equipment. They will be able to resolve problems more quickly and effectively, which will ultimately help increase customer loyalty and reduce churn,” explains George Dobrowski, President and Chairman of the DSL Forum. “The remote management of consumer equipment is a vital tool for service providers to introduce new revenue generating services and to consistently provide high quality of services.”

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