BitWine and JAJAH Announce Partnership

jajah_logo2.jpgBitWine and JAJAH are pleased to announce their technology partnership. Consultants within the BitWine network specializing in categories from business to nutrition now have the ability to transfer their knowledge to individuals in need through a simple and affordable JAJAH phone call. JAJAH's Voice 2.0 platform merges VoIP and traditional telephony to connect two callers on regular phones -- landline or mobile -- via the Internet, allowing BitWine's community of experts to provide their professional services over any phone line, in real time.

BitWine allows experts to provide paid professional consultation via the web, whether on their own personal sites, BitWine's website, or via third-party online communities. BitWine enhances the value that online communities give their members while monetizing their loyalty. Participants or affiliates wishing to share their expertise on a paid basis can immediately connect to potential customers or they can interact as peers.

Site publishers using BitWine are strengthening their user communities and benefiting financially, because they receive a percentage of the fee for each professional consultation held.

BitWine creates an easy client-expert consultation experience. No registration or downloads are necessary to benefit from BitWine's many features. It enables credit card payments, appointment scheduling, and the ability to leave messages when advisers are offline; it also offers remote control for tech support experts to "see" and control a client's PC.

Now, with the integrated JAJAH technology platform, the entire consultation experience can occur over a standard phone line. Other solutions offer chat-only communication, limiting the depth of interaction between client and expert.

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