Jaxtr Goes Out of Beta; User Base Tops 10 Million

Jaxtr has successfully completed eleven months of beta testing today and released version 1.0 of its service. The centerpiece of the new release is café jaxtr, a place where users socialize around the question: "What do you want to talk about?" With this 1.0 release, the company is also implementing its revenue model via the integration of text and display advertising within café jaxtr.

Jaxtr also announced that it has surpassed the 10 million user mark, solidifying its position as the leader in social communications. Social communications is an emerging market adjacent to social networking; the focus of social communications is to give users unified access to and control over all of their text and voice communications from social networks, blogs and other forms of social media.

As a pioneer in social communications, jaxtr was the first company to provide users with a phone widget for receiving calls from people visiting their social networking page or blog. Then, jaxtr became the first service that allows users to direct incoming calls to the phone of their choice while allowing callers to make international mobile calls without having to pay international calling fees. Today, jaxtr launched the world's first talk network.

The café jaxtr talk network is focused on phone-based voice communications, but SMS is also supported. Jaxtr members receive calls from people visiting their jaxtr contact page on their regular phone without needing to reveal their actual phone number to the caller.

For the first time, jaxtr members have the opportunity to discover other members all over the world who want to talk about topics of shared interest. By listing topics they enjoy talking about, members provide an icebreaker for phone conversations.

Jaxtr enables members to talk to others who share their passions simply by using their regular phone, bypassing the need to download software and use a microphone as is required with Skype or voice-enabled instant messaging programs. By tying communications to the phone rather than the computer, café jaxtr lets members talk with people visiting their contact page while they are on the go.

Until recently, the worlds of social networking and talking on mobile phones have been completely isolated even though people have been using both for the same kinds of purposes. Recruiting, dating and staying in touch are primary uses of social networks and, at the same time, account for billions of phone minutes per day. With the launch of café jaxtr, the company brings these two worlds together into a unified, rich experience. Café jaxtr also leverages profile information from networks such as Facebook, MySpace and LinkedIn rather than requiring members to re-enter personal or professional information they have already provided elsewhere.

How café jaxtr works:
When going to www.cafejaxtr.com, visitors can find people to talk to by topic or country and then click through to the jaxtr member's live contact page. On the contact page, they can learn more about the member and view the online profiles the member may have on Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn or 15 other social networks and blogging platforms. Visitors can also review the topics the member is interested in talking about and call them using their regular landline or mobile phone. The member's phone number stays private, and jaxtr's PrivacyShieldTM gives members complete control over which callers can ring through to their phone and which get routed to the digital voicemail box that is included for free with their jaxtr service.

Café jaxtr aims to make the world a smaller place by allowing members to use their mobile phone to talk with other members abroad at the same cost and with the same convenience as calling a friend down the street. According to market research firm TeleGeography, people made 298 billion minutes worth of international calls in 2006. With jaxtr, international calls can be made directly from mobile phones without having to worry about international phone charges.

Unlike other mobile VoIP solutions, jaxtr does not require the download of an application to the phone. Furthermore, there is no need to have a phone with special features, such as Wi-Fi access or an Internet plan. With jaxtr, callers simply use the minutes included in their domestic calling plan to make international calls directly from their mobile phone. Users simply pick the person they want to call from the contact list on their phone and hit the green call button to place a call.

With the launch of café jaxtr, the company brings together the worlds of social networking and mobile talking for the 3.3 billion people worldwide who are mobile phone subscribers. By avoiding proprietary hardware or software and by making international mobile calls affordable, jaxtr opens new possibilities of social communications for people around the world.

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