Jangl Partners with Plentyoffish to Connect Daters

jangl_greenlogo.jpgJangl teamed with Plentyoffish.com to let online daters get to know each other via text messages, phone calls and voicemail without sharing their real numbers. Jangl has also teamed with Facebook, Bebo, Match.com, Friendster, AdultFriendFinder, Tagged and Fubar to market and provision applications enabling text messaging, voice and voicemail for the tens of millions of members of those communities. Through this partnership, Jangl is delivering all three applications text messaging, voice and voicemails to Plentyoffish members.

Ranked as the U.S.’ number one dating site by comScore, Plentyoffish generates over 600,000 relationships a year in the United States, Canada, Australia, Ireland and the United Kingdom. The free site receives an average of 1.3 billion page views per month, according to founder and CEO Markus Frind, who still personally runs the website from his apartment.

Plentyoffish is free because unlike most other online dating sites it is supported entirely by advertising. Likewise, Jangl for Plentyoffish.com will be free, supported by brief ads that will be inserted seamlessly alongside calls and messages, and which will still ensure the privacy of consumers' personal phone numbers, another first in both online dating and in Jangl’s social communications market.

Jangl's new advertising plan, validated by consumer testing over the past several months, opens another lucrative new revenue stream for the company, as major global brands seek to reach savvy, mobile audiences via both the mobile device and the PC.

The Jangl and Plentyoffish partnership also represents a major step forward for the Jangl/JAJAH alliance announced last fall, when Jangl teamed with the top VoIP platform company to co-develop new services and team on engineering efforts. With Jangl's Plentyoffish deployment, it will begin to terminate calls on JAJAH's platform.

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