RingJam 2.0 Launched for Skype Extras

Skype - call the world at rock bottom priceseMotive Communications launches RingJam 2.0 for Skype Extras. The company also partnered with Universal Music Group to give RingJam 2.0 users access to UMG's market-leading digital music catalog. This features chart-topping artists including Kanye West, Amy Winehouse, U2, Fergie, Abba and Ella Fitzgerald, among thousands of others.

Also as part of the RingJam 2.0 launch, Skype Extra users will now be able to call friends and announce themselves using video clips provided by Guinness World Records, Fun Little Movies and StupidVideos.com.

RingJam for Skype Extras follows the highly successful RingJacker. The real-time, push-media application lets callers choose what song, sound or video they want to announce themselves with when calling their buddies and relatives.

RingJam for Skype Extras is free to use and can be downloaded from the RingJam.com storefront, from the Skype Web site or from within the Skype software.

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