VoIP News Ranks Ifbyphone's Phone-Me-Now a Top 25 Innovation of 2007

VoIP News has just cited Ifbyphone's Phone-Me-Now product as one of the "Top 25 VoIP Innovations of 2007,". Ifbyphone is a voice infrastructure and applications development company providing enterprise class voice services to Small and Medium sized Businesses and Phone-Me-Now, is the world's first zero configuration click to call application.

This patent pending solution can be integrated in less then 60 seconds into any website, email or hyperlinked document and requires no experience to configure. It's literally the Internet's first instant voice mash up tool. "While many companies provide click to call services, we were troubled by how complex they are to use. Users had to cut and paste HTML or javascript; The zero configuration Phone-Me-Now service is literally the Holy Grail of web to telephone integration and ease of use," says Shapiro.

Using Phone-Me-Now is as simple as typing: www.phone-me-now/your-business-number into any web site, Word Document, Powerpoint Presentation, Spreadsheet, PDF or email. When a reader clicks on the link they are prompted for their telephone number and the Ifbyphone system calls your business, calls the reader and connects the call. Phone-Me-Now works with any telephone number you register on your Ifbyphone account.

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