VoIP Provider Globe7 Expands with Opt-In Widgets

Globe7 has upgraded to provide more user friendly applications integrated with Soft Phone, IM, Live TV, Live Radio, Videos, Games, News and many more opt-in widgets. Some of those add-on features include but are not limited to: Forex, Recipes, Sport, etc. With enhanced SMS and “MY Channel” features, Globe7 has become the user’s favorite communication and entertainment tool for internet communities across the world; with an average of 50 to 60 thousand new downloads every day.

To date, Globe7 has logged 42 Million downloads and has 5 million registered users worldwide. Says Venkat Meenavalli CMD, “the new web 2.0 application is now available for millions of our users with a plethora of new widgets those relay an unparalleled experience in the space of convenience, entertainment, and communication”.

Globe7 has been tremendously successful and surpassed all industry expectations with its Uni-Platform and recently turned Multi-Platform Windows friendly experience. Globe 7 is now active on LINUX, MAC and Windows Vista to meet the needs of it’s user populations across the Globe. Additionally, Globe7 is available for Windows mobile users at www.oneoperator.com.

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