PeerMe Partners to Integrate Video into Existing VoIP Applications

peerme.gifPeerMe and Droplet Technology announce the launch of a jointly developed multi-party video conferencing service that promises to accelerate the adoption of video as an important mode of communication and interaction in telecommunications and social networking. The service will initially offer four-person video conferencing, which will be a major differentiator between PeerMe and companies such as Yahoo!, AOL, MSN and Skype that only offer one-to-one video conferencing. This product will be targeted at the consumer with a low monthly subscription fee of $9.99 per month. Users can sign up for the service at

The two companies have integrated Droplet’s video platform into PeerMe’s existing VoIP applications, upgrading PeerMe’s global VoIP subscribers to a “many-to-many” real-time voice/video communications service. Droplet Technology's all-software embedded video device clients and server applications enable high quality video capture, playback, sharing, and networking on any PC or cell phone without dedicated and expensive video processors.

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