New VONaLink Software Helps Bridge Cell Phone Calls to Skype

VONaLink DialBridge now supports Skype. Previously, DialBridge supported VoIP systems based on SIP only. Directly making a long distance call from a cell phone, especially international, is so expensive that it is unthinkable. With DialBridge, cell phone calls can be routed through Skype to benefit from low SkypeOut rates. DialBridge software runs on a personal computer, along side the Skype client. When a user calls his or her SkypeIn number from a cell phone, DialBridge connects the call to the configured SkypeOut number. Up to 10 SkypeIn numbers may be mapped to SkypeOut numbers, and changed at any time. Optionally, DialBridge could do a callback so that instead of a long outgoing call from a cell phone, the call is turned into an incoming call, allowing the unlimited incoming minutes of a cell phone plan to be used.

DialBridge for Skype runs on Windows XP, 2003, and 2000. Vista support is in the works. Priced at $29 USD, evaluation download is available now from

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