Gizmo Project Connects Palm Treo Users with AIM and Messenger

gizmoproject_logo.bmpSIPphone announces Palm Treo users can now instant message with all major IM networks using Gizmo Project. Users will have the ability to add buddies, see who's online and send/receive messages with users from AIM, MSN Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, GoogleTalk, iChat and dozens more networks. The program allows for importing all existing contacts with just a few mouse clicks, allowing immediate use with minimal setup time.

This new version of Gizmo Project built for Palm devices currently supports a wide range of devices, including Treo 600/650/680/700p, Sony UX-50, Tungsten T3 and Palm Zire. Users have the option to download directly from their mobile device or download to their computer for 'Quick Install' via synchronization, both at The software is available completely free and functionality is not limited by a trial period or other restrictions. Existing Gizmo users will be able to log in and interact with their contacts immediately.

The software features a full suite of instant messaging tools. Users can operate their phone as normal, as the application runs unobtrusively in the background until they are ready to chat. Upon receiving new instant messages, users will receive audio, vibration and/or visual alerts depending on their preferences. The functionality allows for configuring multiple users or accounts on the same device, as well as viewing message history from those accounts.

"This program marks the first time Treo and other Palm users can get free software to connect to all major IM networks with ease," said Michael Robertson, CEO of SIPphone.

Support for AOL IM and MSN Messenger are available today, with Yahoo Messenger and iChat support coming shortly. Once installed, the software will auto-upgrade to include connectivity to these additional networks. The next version will also support adding any Jabber network, which will connect mobile devices to universities, corporations and any other institution that runs their own instant messaging system using that protocol.

More information and frequently asked questions can be found at

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