Globe7 Expands to Multiple Platforms

With over 23 Million downloads and 3.5 million active users covering 187 countries across 7 continents, Globe7 has moved ahead to meet the communication and information needs of their clients. Globe7 is established as the world's No-1 VoIP provider integrated with Free Videos, Free PC-to-PC and the lowest priced international calling rates to any landline or mobile telephone.

Subsequent to Globe7’s huge success on the Windows platform, the Company is now ready to launch for multiple platforms, which includes: Windows XP, Windows Vista, LINUX, MAC, Windows Mobile, and Pocket PC.

With the recent upgrades and enhancements, Globe7 features now include:
  • The lowest pricing plan in the industry. 1 year, Unlimited calling to 25 Countries for $120.00. The patented hybrid communication tool provides users the ability to call any landline or mobile phone.
  • A web-cam, enabling free video chatting with friends and family around the globe.
  • Instant Messaging with intelligence built in to know whether the person at the other end of the communication is present online, at home or on a mobile phone.
  • Users can purchase vouchers online, and also send SMS messages to any international destination from Globe7 directly.
Globe7 is the only VoIP + IPTV patented application powered with content providers like AP, ANI, Reuters, Media Corp, FTV, Travel Channel, Extreme Sports etc.

Globe7 API is available for OEM and ODM hardware manufacturers to spread the application into the wireless world of communication and infotainment.

"Globe7 USB phones embedded with Globe7 Software make your communication more effective and efficient with 1 year unlimited calling to 25 international destinations," says Venkat Meenavalli, the CMD of Northgate Technologies Ltd.

Globe 7 is a value innovation and globally patented product developed by Northgate Technologies Ltd and Marketed by Axill Europe Limited now available on Windows XP Windows Vista, LINUX, MAC, Windows Mobile and Pocket PC.

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