Scramby Add-on for VoIP Software like Skype

RapidSolution Software unveiles the first release of Scramby, a new add-on for internet telephones. Scramby is a Vocoder add-on for VoIP software telephones like Skype. It allows users to use distortion effects to give their voices another sound or personality, and to add background noises and "fun-sounds" into the audio stream to give their conversations a more personal and entertaining touch.

Players of Massive Multiplayer Online Games (MMOG) and Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games (MMORPG) usually communicate with each other using headsets and VoIP technology like Teamspeak. With Scramby, players are able to alter their voices to take on the voices of the characters their game figures represent. For example, a World-of-Warcraft or Dungeons & Dragons player could use Scramby's VST effects to become the powerful Ork, the little elf, the evil warlock or the terrifying barbarian warrior. Users can associate Scramby's various functions with keyboard shortcuts as desired to make them quickly and easily accessible during the game.

Thanks to the numerous VST plug-ins delivered with Scramby, users are able to leverage over 30 speech and voice modification effects right out of the box. Scramby's professional effects provide users with a bottomless source of fun they can tap into during any online telephone conversation or gaming session. Scramby can in addition be extended with an unlimited number of VST plug-ins.

Scramby comes with 130 FUNsounds and 10 background noises that are ready-to-use. Additional FUNsounds and background noises can be imported as audio files. This allows users to add their own audio recordings, sounds, animal voices or film soundtrack snippets into the audio stream while telephoning or playing games. Users are able to configure custom effects with the Scramby voice-effect editor.

Scramby for Microsoft Windows XP and Vista is currently available online at the discounted launch price of US$17.90 / €14,90. Introduction into the retail channel is planned for the second half of 2007.

A free demo of the product is available for download at

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