Jaduka Opens its API to Developers

Jaduka has opened its (API) to Web developers, thus enabling the next generation of web-to-voice applications.

Introduced at the O'Reilly Emerging Telephony Conference, the Jaduka API gives developers direct access to, and all the inherent benefits of, the world's highest-quality, ubiquitous public switched telephone network. Based on common Web standards, the API facilitates quick and easy development of virtually limitless voice-enabled business applications that can be used with any existing telephone -- wired, VoIP or wireless.

According to Jack Rynes, president of Jaduka, "By removing barriers and providing developers with tools and direct access for the first time to the global public telecommunications infrastructure, Jaduka is enabling those innovators to create the next generation of web-to-voice applications. Until today, this creativity has been constrained by bureaucratic telecom oligopolies or confined to limited IP-based private networks. This new generation of creative voice-enabled products and services will deliver enormous benefits for both businesses and consumers."

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