Allworx Next Generation VoIP Software Released

allworxlogo.jpgAllworx releases software version 6.5 that enhances its entire family of award-winning communications systems. This major new release brings the following capabilities to the Allworx 6x, 10x, and 24x platforms:
  • Call Assistant 2.0 – This Windows PC-based tool, fully integrated with Allworx VoIP phones and designed to bring ease and efficiency to the operator/receptionist task, has been strongly enhanced with new views of the company directory, AA status, parked calls, and call queues. New transfer and dialing capabilities have also been added. This new feature is sold as an option.
  • New Multi-Site Extensions - Setting up and using a convenient 3-digit dialing plan across Allworx servers in multiple sites (up to 99 sites) has never been easier. With release 6.5, Allworx servers automatically discover and route extension plans.
  • Enhanced Conference Call Capabilities – Allworx introduces the most affordable enterprise-class conference solution in SMB VoIP. This user-friendly option includes full security, scheduling, and moderator features. The conference call feature is available for Allworx 6x and 24x systems and sold as an option.
  • Enhanced T1 Provisioning Capabilities – T1 voice services have been expanded with support for Robbed Bit Signaling (RBS)/CAS lines. Service providers now have maximum flexibility in building SMB voice solutions with support for virtually all forms of T1 voice and fractional voice (PRI & CAS) trunks in addition to VoIP SIP trunks and traditional CO lines.
  • IMAP4 Support – With Internet Message Access Protocol 4 (IMAP4) added to our existing POP3 support, users can more easily access and synchronize their voicemails and emails across multiple inboxes on PCs, laptops and handheld email clients using popular email clients such as Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Mozilla/Thunderbird, Opera, and Eudora.
  • And Much More – Release 6.5 brings many other great SMB features such as voice mail greetings tied to a user’s presence/status, enhanced SMTP email routing, DID information tied to users’ handsets, and more.
“We are continuing to push our lead in building the most complete set of small business communication features in a VoIP solution, adding features normally found only in enterprise class systems,” said Sandra Gault, EVP Marketing of Allworx. George Daddis, CEO of Allworx adds “These new features, when combined with our unique key-system capabilities and our industry-leading price points, strengthen our strategy to replace today’s analog PBX/Key-systems with Allworx VoIP solutions.”

Allworx’s family of VoIP systems includes the award winning Allworx 6x, 10x, & 24x voice and network systems, and the 9112 and 9102 VoIP phones. The key differentiators separating Allworx from other VoIP systems for the SMB market include: the industry’s lowest installed cost of any full-featured VoIP PBX/Key-system; the richest SMB feature set available; the flexibility to enable SMBs to transition risk-free to VoIP at their own pace; and the industry’s most straightforward installation procedures.

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