Break from VoIP News and Rant on Spam

Every now and then I like to take a little break from the daily VoIP news and just write about whatever's currently on my mind or bugging me. Lately, the increase in spam email has really become an annoyance. It makes my job harder in replying to your email questions, comments and press releases. It seems the increased spam is affecting everyone these days reports GigaOM in Spam is sucking life out of Email.

Which is why I'm applauding MySpace for going after Scott Richter, one of the most successful (spammers) high volume email deployers ever, was named in a lawsuit filed in Los Angeles court last Friday.

Richter and his associates “arranged for millions of spam ‘bulletins”‘ to be sent from MySpace users’ accounts without their knowledge by gaining access to them illegally, according to the lawsuit.

You can read more on this over at a website I enjoy reading daily and he included this funny video clip from The Daily Show.

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