Busta battles Skype

Busta, the Internet "mobile phone" has already attracted Skype users in over 50 countries since it’s launch 20 days ago primarily because of portability and it's "no network compromise" technology. PageFlakes and WebWag become the latest additions to the Busta "gadgets". BustaMe! tags deliver free calls and voice mail into MySpace and Linked In and Busta Up! enables easy upload of contacts from Outlook.

Busta, which is attracting new and existing VoIP users many of whom have commented on its portability, rapid call handling and voice quality combined with ease of installation. In particular Skype users identified portability, voice quality and "no network compromise" as key features that encouraged them to try Busta. Independently VoipUser.org have tested Busta and reported that Busta was "the perfect example of the type of "me different" product that they’d been discussing at VoIP User for the last 3 years. These types of mash-up application represent the future of VoIP and, in particular, the Click to Call space. This is about integration and the amalgamation of different systems and products that we all use everyday" they commented.

Page Flakes and WebWag, two leading Web 2.0 portals have become the latest additions to the Busta range of "net" gadgets with the creation of Busta Flakes and a Busta widget. Existing Busta gadgets support Google, Microsoft Live and Netvibes. BustaMe! tags can now be easily embedded in MySpace and Linked In to add click to call and free voicemail, adding another dimension to these social network platforms.

Busta Up! enables easy upload for contacts and address books from Outlook and Windows Address books pre-populating phone call and SMS text options for ease of use.

Nick Ogden, President of Voice Commerce Group who own and operate Busta commented "The last few weeks have been really exciting as owners of Web 2.0 properties have asked us to develop Busta gadgets for them quickly and we’ve had so many requests to incorporate tags. The small download size of Busta means that even dial up users can benefit from our technology which delivers integrated voice mail, text messaging and portability. With many Web 2.0 service providers seeking revenues, delivering Busta solutions to them makes sense."

Busta works by using a small 140kb, active X control which enables incoming and outbound calls to be made. Phone calls can be to any phone number at low rates or at no cost to any Sip address or Busta user. Busta is the Internet mobile phone and can be accessed from most browsers. Busta for Firefox is in alpha testing and versions for Windows Mobile and other platforms are under development. www.busta.com
Busta is built on Engage technologies from the Voice Commerce Group. CEO Nick Ogden founded the global e-payments company WorldPay which was sold to the Royal Bank of Scotland Group. www.voice-commerce.com

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