Call and Talk to Your Own PC using Adondo

Adondo Corporation ( announces the release of the final beta version of their Personal Audio Link (PAL) software. The company seeks beta testers for this new PC application. With PAL software users can call their own PC from any telephone and, using voice commands, tell PAL to:
  • read e-mail, appointments, and contact information
  • get real-time traffic, weather, and stock quotes
  • play podcasts on-demand, and playlists
  • read blogs, rss feeds, and web wages
  • voice-dial any Outlook contact (US and Canada)
  • record and send audio e-mail
  • recite information from documents and spreadsheets

Since the initial beta release, a number of enhancements have been made to software, including:
  • new interface organized into three sections: PAL Web, PAL Outlook, and PAL Data
  • new ability to click on commands at your PC, and hear PAL respond over your speakers (great way to learn PAL commands)
  • ability to call PAL from any phone when it's running on a PC behind many common corporate firewalls
  • added compatibility with Office XP (in addition to Office 2003), if you have Windows XP Professional
  • new Lite Edition that provides web-based and Excel information, even if you don't have Microsoft Office (requires Windows XP Professional)
  • numerous reliability improvements
PAL software marries speech recognition (SR) with Voice-over-IP (VoIP). It enables remote access to your PC using a single handheld device: your own conventional cell phone.

At launch, PAL automatically obtains it own private 10-digit phone number for use on the Internet (VoIP). Then, its user simply can call PAL (their own PC) and talk to it. PAL needs no extra phone line and no additional hardware.

Even for users with expensive handheld devices (e.g., smart phones), PAL provides a safe and convenient way to get information anytime, especially while driving.

As a reward for participation, active evaluators will receive a free version of PAL Professional software and six months of VoIP softphone service. Adondo is accepting a limited number of testers, so interested parties should apply as soon as possible.

Applicants must have broadband Internet access and a PC using Microsoft Windows XP.

Click here to signup today:

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