Free Worldwide VoIP Conference Calls Offered by Gizmo

Vapps, the global infrastructure supplier of VoIP conference call solutions, announced that the Gizmo Project has deployed the Vapps VoIP conference calling platform to offer free worldwide conference calling services for its users.

Vapps' state of the art VoIP conference calling service enables Gizmo subscribers to connect multiple users over the Internet for cost-effective and highly reliable conference calls. All the features of a traditional conference calling service are available through Gizmo's web site, such as standard call management (volume control, muting, participant announcing, conference locking and recording) along with sophisticated moderator features for Web-based on- demand call control.

Gizmo Project, developed by SIPphone, uses a broadband or dial up Internet connection to allow users to make peer-to-peer phone calls using a computer. Gizmo also offers inexpensive add-ons like Call In and Call Out that allows users to connect with the use of a landline phone.

"We chose Vapps' next generation conference calling platform because of the incredible simplicity the service brings to Gizmo users," said Michael Robertson, founder of Project Gizmo. "Traditional conference calling has never been as easy as simply typing in a Web address and connecting up to 500 users in minutes. We are very excited that we can offer this to consumers along with our other services."

This announcement follows closely on the heels of a number of other significant milestones for Vapps. Recently, has deployed the Vapps VoIP conference calling platform for their small-business users. Vendors around the world are now recognizing that a full suite of Internet calling services is a valuable tool for businesses and Vapps is quickly becoming the provider of choice for servicing these business needs.

"The addition of our advanced conference calling platform to Gizmo's package of service offerings gives consumers a one-stop-shop for Internet calling," said Ben Lilienthal, CEO and co-founder of Vapps. "Our VoIP platform offers an easy and cost-effective method of staying connected, no matter what location you may be in, which is why we are the premier partner for the world's largest Internet communications service providers."

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